Influence of Data Science in Software-defined Storage (SDS) Industry

Influence of Data Science in Software-defined Storage (SDS) Industry

Data science has influenced innovation in various industries. The whole IT industry has undergone a sea change in its approach to modernization and automation in the last 5-6 years. When we see the IT industry today, there is a seismic shift in the way IT managers deal with hardware and software assets in their company. We are embracing Cloud and Edge at all levels of operations with analytics and security forming the crux of any operation, and that’s the biggest example of what formative training with a data science course in Noida can do to your career. You begin to understand the underlying objectives of moving the needle on fast-track innovations that could transform the industry you are working in. And, that’s exactly what has happened to the IT industry’s biggest problem area: data storage.

What’s IT storage?

In IT, we define a storage infrastructure as data defined storage, which means all the nuances involved here would be discussed using data centric approach. This term has become a very popular marketing term, and therefore data management teams prefer to use this definition for any storage infrastructure that would be used for the unification of all data types or metadata that helps an enterprise to transform raw information into actionable insights.

When we bring in the software to manage the IT data management, it’s referred to as Software defined storage or SDS for short.

SDS is a very powerful technology concept that anyone pursuing a data science course in Noida or elsewhere should be keenly following. Reason: The future of Big Data management lies in the innovations happening in the modern SDS era. From edge to virtualizing, SDS is driving the modern enterprise IT and AI ML workflows. Right from delivering IT analytics to developing Open Source communities, SDS plays a very important role in making IT smarter, efficient, and effective, thus opening new channels for innovations for a future ready enterprise.

Now, let’s understand the data science part in SDS.

Data Science’s Role in Software Defined Storage Industry

The world’s Big Data production and consumption has grown 5000% since 2001. A large volume of data is now produced within the company than what’s produced elsewhere, such as the internet or raw user data from cell phones. According to Gartner, global SDS will be the major on-premise or Cloud storage capacity by 2024. Nearly 50% of all essential data intensive workflows, including those involving AI and Machine Learning, robotics, and supercomputing would be deployed on SDS infrastructure. In the next 3-4 years, the SDS market would grow at close to 10% year on year, and this is almost the same rate and which the global data science and Big Data engineering markets are expected to be growing, despite the economic recession brought about by geopolitical issues, semiconductor shortage, and global pandemic.

If you are working in the SDS industry, getting a data science certification is the best thing to have in 2021. Reason: this multi-billion dollar industry is all set to become the third largest marketplace in the world, after healthcare and internet marketing.

The Booming Value of Unstructured Data

Now, once you pursue a data science course in India, you would have different avenues to look at.

You can start your foundation with unstructured data and grow your expertise in data mining and data analytics for the SDS industry. Due to the rapid modernization of the IT industry based on Cloud and SaaS, data analysts are the most sought after titles after AI engineers, data scientists, and big data analysts. In addition to AI ML developments that we have covered so extensively in recent times, we are also optimistic about the SDS market’s getting a massive push from the remote workplace management domains, IoT, AutoML, and other advanced data science based processes that make the entire scenario so much more interesting for everyone involved.

In the unstructured data marketplace alone, you can rapidly grow from mid-level data science analysts to a senior level Project Manager, handling large sized IT projects for any storage company or mobility technology enabler in the US, Germany, Japan, or China. From security to internal analytics management, you can diversify your data science portfolio at a great pace.

In the context of IT virtualization and container services, you will find tons of resources on how platforms are expanding further on SDS that integrate with block and file storage systems. If you are seriously looking to build your repertoire as a master data scientist, stay ahead with SDS.

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