Instagram Hashtags Research: What do you need to know?

Instagram Hashtags Research: What do you need to know?

Instagram is the best platform to start your research for hashtags. More than one billion people use Instagram, which is why it is important to understand how hashtags work. Hashtags have the potential to expand your reach and tend to spread awareness faster.

One such important strategy to take advantage of hashtags is to run a hashtag campaign and add the generated feed to your website. Social media aggregator tools like Taggbox help you develop attractive and responsive hashtag widgets that help you display all the hashtag-generated content on your website.

These tools help you embed Instagram feeds as hashtag feeds on the website in an effortless manner. You can customize, moderate and analyze the widget’s performance on the website to keep developing the website content and get maximum results.

Encourage your users to post reviews and ratings with the brand hashtag and take full advantage of the User Generated Content in marketing (UGC).

Continue reading to understand some essential parts and tips of Instagram Hashtag Research.

What is a Hashtag?

The hashtag is a combination of two words. Hash (#) the symbol and tag. This is the perfect way to make your posts go viral and spread brand awareness. These hashtags can be added to your posts, stories, reels, and bio.

You can click on the hashtag and see a feed of related posts that have the same hashtag. Hashtags hold the power to run huge movements like #MeToo or #BlackLivesMatter, making a huge impact on society.

They also help you expand your visibility, and provide you an opportunity to grow your audience. You can reach mass prospects and engage your audience with relevant posts. You also encourage people to post content with the hashtag.

Need to use Hashtag on Instagram

Hashtags were introduced in 2007 with the purpose of integrating posts with the same caption in a single place. Various social media platforms have popularized hashtags over the years and marketers leveraged them in their marketing campaigns. With the right hashtag, we reach our target audience. when we create our own database we are also target and connect with our audience with email, text messages, and WhatsApp msg.

The value of hashtags has increased dramatically since their introduction. Marketers have understood its importance and started utilizing hashtags to spread awareness, launch products, run a contest, and much more.

Adding about 3-4 relevant hashtags can boost your reach by 71%. People are constantly searching for content relating to a keyword and hashtags play a crucial role in their search. They learn something new and feel a connection with the brand and are a part of the community almost instantly.

What does Instagram Hashtag Research mean?

Research as we all know means getting to know about something in detail. And hashtag research means understanding a hashtag better by analyzing the type of posts on a specific topic and the data derived from the particular hashtag.

It becomes easy to generate similar content under a particular keyword and build a strong connection with your audience.

How to perform hashtag research on Instagram?

We have a clear understanding of the importance of hashtags and what hashtag research means. Let’s dive in and understand how to perform hashtag research on Instagram.

  1. Analyze your audience

Understand your current audience and review the audience you wish to target with the hashtag. Keep a track of the Instagram insights to see what your audience likes best, figure out which type of content is most engaging, and focus on that.

Try thinking outside the box while choosing hashtags. Use the language your audience is using, understand your community, and produce unique, and outstanding hashtags accordingly.

  1. Use right hashtags

There is a golden rule when it comes to hashtag research. Relevancy and popularity. The hashtag should be a balance between the two. Hashtags go way beyond just the number of times it’s being used, it’s the value that the hashtag creates. Using popular hashtags only would not be of much use as your post might get lost in millions of others.

You ideally should choose a hashtag that is not getting millions of posts but gets some traction. This also depends on your brand, if you have a large business using a hashtag that is used 10,000 times should be appropriate. However, if your brand is still growing, using a hashtag used only hundreds of times can be highly beneficial.

  1. Look for relevant topics

You should know the topics you wish to cover and use only the relevant hashtags. Keywords that relate to your brand, and you have been using are your top priority. You need hashtags that should be intuitive, high specific, and easy to understand.

You can also search hashtags that are related to your products, categories, or those related tips and tricks. Any other information related to the area your brand is an expert in can also be relevant. This helps you develop innovative and engaging content in the future.

  1. Investigate your competitors

Figure out the industry leaders, their trends, and the marketing campaigns they use. Check out their Instagram pages, understand the hashtags they use, and take inspiration from them. Understand that they are in the market for a long time and have been adapting to new trends consistently, use their content as a learning opportunity and ace your marketing campaigns.

Wrapping up!

To wrap up, we learned everything about hashtag research on Instagram. You can go ahead and research relevant hashtags to grow your audience, expand your reach, and drive traffic to your website.

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