Is It Possible To Expand Into New Markets With Toll-Free Numbers?

Is It Possible To Expand Into New Markets With Toll-Free Numbers?


Toll-free numbers help a business to expand into a new market with its valuable features. A toll-free number is predominantly customer friendly as it offers free communication service. A business can buy toll-free numbers in India to offer quality seamless communication without any charges.

A toll-free number is an 1800 number series contact number that allows contacting a business. The charge of the calls by the customers is bared by the business. The calls are transferred to the business agents as per the need of the customers. Toll-free number providers are helping both industries as well as government departments to use it for reaching more people. A business can buy a toll-free number in India to use for campaigns, promotions, feedback collections, to conduct surveys, etc.

Toll Free Unique Features To Help Businesses Expand Into New Markets

Toll-free numbers help a business to expand new markets with these unique features:

  1. Establish market presence:  When businesses buy toll-free numbers in India, it is identified as the number that helps in establishing a market presence. It helps in creating a brand image that enhances the reliability and credibility of the business. This is beneficial for small businesses and startups as well. It helps in marking the social presence of the business and making it more accessible for the customers. It helps in rapport building and getting customers’ trust which helps to retain customers along with generating leads.
  2. Wider presence: With a toll-free number a business can reach any customer base which helps it to reduce geographical barriers to communication. Even if the business is small, a toll-free number helps in presenting it to a wider reach for customers. It also helps a business to boost call volumes, and offer 24×7 support while enhancing customer satisfaction.
  3. Track marketing campaign: Campaigns are often time and resource-consuming. Toll-free numbers make campaigns easier and more efficient. It also allows a business to operate multiple campaigns at the same time. It supports executing campaigns, monitoring, and tracking every campaign. When campaigns are easily taken care of; a business can easily expand to new markets without spending additional resources.
  4. Increase revenue: Toll-free numbers can be used to boost sales by inspiring the agents to cross-sell or upsell business services and products during customer calls. It helps a business to open up space and opportunities to expand the market by sharing detailed information. It may result in drawing customers’ attention to products and services that might interest them. It helps in retaining more customers for business services and products.
  5. Marketing tool: Toll-free numbers can be more than just a communication tool. It can help to enhance sales, boost campaigns and collect feedback. Toll-free numbers make an excellent marketing tool as it helps to reach more customers in a very less time with little effort. It helps to yield maximum benefit to a business.

      Indirect Ways To Increase Market Reach

The toll-free number helps in business expansion in both direct and indirect ways. A good toll-free number provider can guide a business best for it. Some of the indirect ways of helping a business to expand market reach are:

  1. Toll-free numbers help in enhancing customer satisfaction. It acts as an instant tool to solve customer concerns. Resolution time plays an important role in reducing the resolution time and addresses immediate service. It helps customers with on-call clarifications without wasting any time.
  2. It automatically records all calls which help a business maintain a strong database. It also allows end-to-end call monitoring. A business can analyze the whole communication and check the agent’s call performance as well. It helps a business to learn the limitations or drawbacks and helps to work on them. A business can use it to create strategies for strengthening service delivery and also to apply it for market expansion.
  3. Toll-free numbers are very economical as they can be easily installed and used immediately. It can be used by a business on any device and it also offers a flexible work environment. As it does not require any expertise to operate and on-site infrastructure; it can effortlessly support market expansion.
  4. It offers 24×7 support that helps a business to be available for the customer at any given point in time. It also helps in offering service to customers from any part of the world without time and geographical location being a barrier.

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