Is it worth pursuing a Data Scientist career?

Is it worth pursuing a Data Scientist career?

Data scientists are a great boon for the industry that targets astounding amounts of data produced from a variety of industries. It is considered a rewarding sector that churns out targeted results for businesses to flourish. Data science professionals across the world are being faced with a rising demand that revolves around the latest skills being presented on offer.

Coursera predicts a 36% growth for skilled data scientists between 2021-2031. Not only that, with proper training and certifications in your kitty, one can become a skilled product manager for Artificial intelligence, master machine learning, and deep learning models, and leverage the power of AI to meet your business goals.

Who is a Data Scientist?

A data scientist is a blessing for diversified industries focused on building lasting change. A skilled data scientist uses data to infer results and bring in the required pivot to a business’s growth. The tasks that they are involved with daily involve:

  • Finding patterns and trends in datasets
  • Unraveling insights
  • Creating algorithms and data models
  • Forecast outcomes
  • Use machine learning techniques to improve data quality
  • Communicating recommendations to team members
  • Staying ahead of innovations in the field
  • Deploying data tools
  • Collecting massive amounts of data
  • Contributing to data mining architectures, model standards, reporting, and data analysis methodologies
  • Recommending cost-effective changes to existing procedures
  • Using deep learning and pattern recognition to automate problem-solving techniques

Salary and perks:

Data scientists are paid differently across different countries. It is worth noticing that salary data can be difficult to represent accurately, as they vary massively depending upon the role, organization, and individual skill sets. Even within a country, salaries can vary greatly, and data may not always be representative. DataCamp suggests the following trail of salary structures around the globe for a skilled data scientist.


Companies with high demand for Data Scientists:

That is not all! There are companies and tech giants that are targeting skilled professionals backed with data science courses.

As per Glassdoor, Netflix is offering an average salary of USD 138,271. Along with this, the employees at Netflix could enjoy benefits like bonuses, flexible working hours, paid parental leave, free rideshare services, and a stock option program.

Data scientists at Meta are paid higher than Netflix, landing an average salary of USD 143,638 annually. Meta is open to remote work opportunities across levels with greater job flexibility.

Google pays data scientists over USD 139,070 per year, while it does not offer remote work. But the benefits bucket includes bonuses, financial coaching, a hybrid work model, educational reimbursement, and well-being classes.

Data scientists at Apple can easily earn USD 138,094 annually with benefits inclusive of work flexibility, stock grants, tuition fee reimbursements, discounts on Apple products, flexible work schedules, and free online classes.

Glassdoor showcases a salary package of USD 138,464 annually at Microsoft. The perks are a full package that is like the offerings from Apple.

Why are they in demand?

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs requiring data science skills is expected to grow by 27.9% by 2026. It is evident that data serves many different purposes across industries. This brings in a surge in demand for qualified data scientists as the field shows continuous growth and evolution.

Job roles in demand:

Beginning with a Junior data scientist’s role and progressing to the position of Data science manager, Senior Data Scientist, Principal Data scientist, and more. Building a flourishing data science career is the most promising decision to make. A career projection like a data scientist is the right decision today while arming yourself with the top-rated data science courses around the world.

Quick tips for a highly rewarding Data Scientist:

  1. Expand your skill set
  2. Get certified
  3. Master Data storytelling
  4. Build Portfolio Projects


The choice rests with you when you decide to make the big career move to the data science industry. It is a highly promising opportunity to make big bucks when it concerns global work opportunities. Understanding the industry with the most trusted certification providers across borders is key to a lasting career trajectory. Bring in the change today!


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