Is there a price difference between a first-hand car and a second-hand car? Is it better to buy a new car or a second-hand car?

Is there a price difference between a first-hand car and a second-hand car? Is it better to buy a new car or a second-hand car?

The so-called first-hand car is a new car purchased at a car dealer, and it is a car directly off the production line.

A second-hand car is the transfer of ownership of the vehicle with the license plate for the first time. Used cars can be transferred many times. For a person who has just obtained a driver’s license and lacks confidence in his driving skills, he can first buy two second-hand cars to practice his skills. For this purpose, I Kew hoong, having 35 years of experience in automobiles, recommended two cars like cam placer x and volkswagen polo sedan for buying from an online platform like This platform is a good platform in malaysia. Now I will discuss with you some points related to the difference between a first-hand car and second-hand car.

1. Economical

Second-hand cars are generally not the latest models in the auto market nowadays. They are generally two years behind. If you buy a second-hand car of the same brand and model, you can save thousands of RM if you buy one to two years later. In addition, with the oil price boom, citizens’ travel costs continue to increase. If the people’s economy is not very well-off and buying a car is just for transportation, it is still very cost-effective to buy a second-hand car.

2. Low discount rate

Any car, as long as it is registered and settled in the vehicle management office, whether you use it or not, or whether you use more or less, its value is declining every year. Generally speaking, a 20% depreciation after one year, a 35% depreciation after two years, and a 50% depreciation after three years. According to the fair price used car evaluation statistics, the more high-end cars, the greater the discount rate, and the annual discount rate will be as high as more than 100 RM.

If you want to buy a second-hand car, it is equivalent to someone paying your own discount rate. For the money you buy a new car, you can buy two good second-hand cars. Even if you use it for a few years and then sell the car, Will not lose much. Brands and models that search for used cars at fair prices will have accurate vehicle valuation reports.

3. It doesn’t hurt to scratch

Many people who buy cars are novices. They are usually called “road killers”. Due to driving experience and insufficient driving skills, they will inevitably get scratches and bumps on the road. If it is a new car, it will have to be painted and maintained. It’s not a small expense. When buying a second-hand car, even if there is a scratch, this distressed feeling will be much smaller. As long as the small scratches and bumps are not harmful, you can do a major refurbishment and beauty of the car. New Cars to Buy from Maruti Suzuki

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There is definitely a difference between a first-hand car and a second-hand car. Generally speaking, there is a saying that a new car will be sold at a 20% discount. That is to say, when a new car is licensed, a second-hand car can only be collected by a car dealer according to the new car’s license. Carry out the collection.


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