Myths of Meditation: Essential Points to Clear Your Mind

Myths of Meditation: Essential Points to Clear Your Mind

The art of meditation has evolved. Numerous images are formed in practitioners’ minds. However, some images are true to the core of meditation, whereas, some are mere rumors. Therefore, it becomes crucial to lifting off the veil from all such rumors and myths of meditation. Holding on to an exaggeration of meditation practice might turn against your beliefs.

So, to walk the path of peace, content, and satisfaction, your mind must not hold any myths of meditation. Make sure you check out the following points that will clear all the rumors and myths from your mind. Read on.

Points to Clear Myths of Meditation

Closes Thinking Process

People have this misconception that practicing meditation means there will be a complete lock on thoughts. Moreover, they think that meditation shuts off the outside thoughts. However, that is not the case.

Meditation practice lowers down the volume of thoughts in your mind. That gives you ample time to be in the moment rather than being anxious or thinking about something. Hence, it is one of the highly believed myths of meditation that could take you on the wrong path.

Takes Years to Benefit You

One of the biggest myths of meditation practice is that people think it takes years to get benefits from meditation practice. However, that is not completely true. No doubt there are long-term benefits of meditation practice.

However, it would be wrong to say that you won’t experience any changes instantly. Rather, your mind and body become calm and relaxed. So, meditation practice offers intermediate as well as short-term benefits that will change your life for good.

Based in Religion

Assuming meditation as a religious practice is another one of the myths of meditation. The reason is the Lotus position. In Hindu mythology, this stance imitates a posture used in religious ceremonies.

Therefore, this relation might be one of the reasons to assume meditation is a religious practice. Furthermore, chanting the OM mantras also creates a rumor about meditation having a religious base. Rather, meditation is a spiritual practice owning nothing to any religion at all.

Only Sitting is Meditation

You might have seen yogis sitting in a Lotus position to practice meditation. So, most people think that only this position is perfect for meditation practice. So, it gives birth to one of the most believed myths of meditation.

The truth is that you can practice meditation anytime, anywhere, and in any position. Those who find sitting too hard or uncomfortable can practice walking meditation. Moreover, you can even practice meditation lying down.

You can also join a YTT school to learn more about different positions and postures to practice meditation.

You Need Hours

Another misconception about meditation is that it requires many hours to practice meditation. Moreover, people believe that only practicing it for hours is beneficial. That is one of the rumors that lead to myths of meditation.

As a beginner, you hardly need 10 minutes a day to practice meditation. Moreover, once you become accustomed to meditation practice, all you need are 20 minutes a day. However, if you wish, you can increase the timing. But that is not required unless you are a yogi. So, no need to practice meditation for hours.

Silence is Must

No doubt you need a peaceful and silent place to practice meditation. However, that is not completely true. You might need it for a certain type of meditation. What if you are practicing focused meditation or gaze meditation?

In such meditation types, you can practice even if there is construction going nearby. The reason is that you need to listen or see. So, the need for silence is one of the biggest myths of meditation that you should get over before starting your practice.

Sum Up

As you can see, even meditation practice is not safe from rumors, misconceptions, or myths of meditation. Therefore, it would be a wise decision to join a YTT school in Rishikesh to clear all your doubts or questions. When you join a yoga school, you get to train under the guidance of yoga masters.

So, getting answers to all your myths becomes easier. Just be consistent with your practice to reach the deepest level where you get an answer from within. Everything else is going to fall into places over time.

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