No Light In Belkin Range Extender? Here Are Some Steps To Fix It!

No Light In Belkin Range Extender? Here Are Some Steps To Fix It!

If you use a Belkin router but its network signals are very weak, you are not able to enjoy online games properly. So for this, you can use the extender device as this device can fully amplify the range of the router. The network signals of the extender are very strong, which can easily amplify your router signals. But the Belkin wireless router should have such an extender that fully supports this router and connects easily. Then, you can use the Belkin range extender because it is especially designed to amplify the network signals of your Belkin router. You can easily connect your existing router to this range extender. Additionally, all wireless networks are entirely compatible with this range extender device. Then you can easily connect any network device to this extender and quickly boost the network signals.

Although the external antennas are built-in in the range extender device that accurately extends the network signals. The LED light is built-in on the front panel of the extender that provides useful information. You can easily verify the status with this LED light. If you wish to configure all the settings of this then you should require belkin range to start the setup wizard. If the setup wizard is not available then you cannot configure the setting. This wizard is most important to configure all the settings.

Why Does No Light In Belkin Range Extender?

The LEDs light is built-in on the front pebble of the range extender device. This light is usually more useful for the extender. If the LED light’s status is orange that means the issue is there in your device. Then, you need to verify the issue. If no light is there in the range extender device then you cannot get the WiFi network connectivity. There are many reasons no light in range extender, which is as follow:

  • The power cord is faulty
  • Not connect the power adapter to the power outlet
  • Firmware version issue
  • The power button does not turn ON

Unusual steps to fix the issue: No Light In Belkin Range Extender

If there is no light in the range extender device then you should verify the issue. Because if your device does not have a light then you will not be able to enjoy WiFi network connectivity. For this, you should verify the problem and try to fix the issue manually. In the given below, there are some unusual steps to really resolve the issue manually.

Properly connect the power cord

Sometimes there is the power cord, it is useless, it is broken due to which no light issue comes. To resolve the issue, you need to properly verify the issue properly. If the cable is really faulty or damaged then you quickly replace it. If the cable you are using is defective or useless then you will need to unplug this cable from the range extender device. After that, verify & buy a new power cord. All you need to do is plug this cable into your range extender device and then turn on the extender device. This will fix the no-light issue and light will come on your device. 4 Best User Testing Tools to Improve User Experience

Turn ON the power button

Many times, you plug the power cord in the proper button but forget to turn ON the power button. If the power button is not ON then the light is also not ON. to resolve the issue you can verify the power button. If the power button is not on the list then your device will not have LED turn on. I have pressed my power button many times but it does not happen because of the dust. Then, you should clean the dust particles on the power button of the range extender device. After that, press the power button of this device and turn ON the extender. Now, the light is also turned ON automatically.

Verify the power supply & power adapter

Many times it happens that those who use their power adapter are useless, that is, they do not pass power to the extender. If it does not pass power to the extender, then the LED light in your extender will not turn on. When the power adapter gets damaged then it does not pass the power so you should verify this power adapter. To resolve the issue, you can change the power adapter. Many times, the power supply is also faulty like not receiving the power. If it is not receiving power then you can unplug the extender from this power supply and again plug it into the new power supply.

Update the firmware of the Belkin extender

If the version of the firmware of your range extender devices is outdated then no light in your extender device. To resolve the issue you quickly update the firmware. By using belkin range you can easily upgrade the firmware in a quick manner. Just insert this address into the web utility and quickly upgrade the firmware in an easy manner.


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