Power BI Interview Questions That You Must Know About

Power BI Interview Questions That You Must Know About

A Power BI certification stands as a mark of excellence in Business Intelligence (BI). Business Intelligence data is needed for accurate planning and decision making. BI focuses on the need of developing statistical evaluations of business performance. It helps managers and associates to grow their ventures. This establishes the unique importance of Power BI certification, Power BI training, Power BI course and the need to stand out in the interviews concerning the same.

The Must-Know Power BI Interview Questions 

What is Power BI, and why is it different?

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based data-sharing platform. It is modeled around the need for Business Intelligence. Businesses can use it to find insights within their data and assess the working of business blocks. It provides comparative and analytical perks to non-technical business users, making it unique from other types of cloud-based data-sharing platforms. Power BI is available as a free and as a professional version. The free version is suitable for small business owners. In contrast, the professional version can be used by large enterprises through a monthly subscription.

Tell us some features of Microsoft Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI allows easy sharing of presentations and queries among colleagues. It also allows you to update excel files from data sources stored on the cloud. In the age of artificial intelligence, it offers several automated functions. The seamless access to Microsoft’s assistant Cortana makes Microsoft courses on power BI worth a shot.

Enumerate some key advantages of Business Intelligence.

The key advantages of BI include:

  1. It enables better visualization in terms of data collection and analysis.
  2. It provides swift solutions that enable intelligent and efficient decision-making.
  • Output data can be presented over multiple devices.

Explain some data sources Power BI can connect to.

There are various data sources Power BI can connect to. These include:

  • Content Packs: These are of 2 types – Content Packs created by service providers and those created by other users of your fraternity on the platform.
  • Files: Comma Separated Values, Excel documents, and Power BI Desktop files can be used for data import.
  • Connectors: These help in establishing a connection between your databases with services and cloud-based data.

Define visualization.

Visualization means presenting business datasets using a vivid diagrammatic or figurative description.

Describe various types of filters in Power BI reports.

Primarily there are 3 filters that will be highlighted in any Microsoft power BI certification course you opt for. These filters can be used for visualization and data selection.

Filters Purpose
Visual level filters These work on individual visualization and decrease the amount of detail that can be seen through visualization. These can filter both calculation and data.
Page-level filters Working at the report page level, these can be different for different pages within the same report.
Report-level filters These work on the entire report. They filter all pages and visualization included in the report.


Where does Power BI store data?

Power BI primarily stores data in fact and dimension tables.

  • The fact table is the central diagrammatic table; it stores information for analytical purposes.
  • Dimension tables store dimensions that includes a description of objects stored in the fact table.

What is DAX, and what is its function?

DAX stands for Data Analysis Expression. It is a formula language used for computation. In other words, it is a set of operators and constants used in formulas. It helps to extract new information from pre-existing data. It works on column values but not on row values.

Name the formats Power BI is available in.

It is manageable through different platforms in various formats like Power BI Desktop and Mobile Power BI apps (for both IOS and Android devices). Shopify Plugin Development For Easy Business Management

What is Power BI Q&A about?

It is a natural language used for querying data. It can be accessed through the dialogue box on the dashboard. It was developed by Microsoft Research and Bing teams to enhance your experience of exploring your data in a detailed manner.

These are some questions that form the basics of BI understanding and reflect your knowledge. These questions are essential if you want to master the interview and take your power BI certification to the next level.


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