Pregnancy Journey: Commonly Faced Complications

Pregnancy Journey: Commonly Faced Complications

Although pregnancies are often the most beautiful and heart-warming journey, the presence of complications could cause a stump on the excitement and happiness. While these aren’t always the case, they aren’t exactly considered to be rare either.

It is of utmost importance to ensure such complications are closely monitored and treated for in order to avoid health concerns to both, the mother as well as the unborn baby. Some complications are often found to be treatable, however some cases fall into unavoidable circumstances. A complicated pregnancy can be a scary one to go through. Keep reading as we talk about the few commonly faced complications during pregnancy.

Gestational Diabetes

Like all types of diabetes, gestational diabetes also involves sugar. However, this specific diabetes occurs only during pregnancy, especially when women are overweight, and is a complication hat occurs when your body doesn’t break down sugar as it should. Having a discussion with your doctor can help you get your GDM under proper control.


Hypertension, the presence of high blood pressure can cause a high risk pregnancy if not attended to or taken care of accordingly. This can increase the complications for both the mother and the unborn child. High blood pressure also causes other conditions during the pregnancy such as preeclampsia.  Mothers with hypertension are also known to face weak birthing.


As a commonly known health concern, anaemia is when the red bloods cells have a low count. If anaemia is caused due to an underlying, attending to it accordingly can get the mother feeling healthy in no time. The symptoms for anaemia often include fatigue and loss in strength. Anaemia is often treated with iron tablets and folic acid supplements.

Mental Health Strain

It’s no doubt that one of the most commonly faced complications during pregnancy is mental health related issues, often related to depression due to the loss of interest in certain activities, presence of a constant sad mood, feeling negative about oneself, etc. This can further risk the cause of postpartum depression. It is therefore advice to seek proper medical and expert help in order to overcome it.


Infection that occurs during pregnancy can affect the mother and the child depending on the type of infection and how it spread. While some move from the mother to the baby, some affect the birthing process. This may cause poor birth, pregnancy loss, birth defects, still birth and various other risky complications.  It is important to protect oneself thoroughly through pregnancy in order to avoid such factors.


Unlike all other complications, a miscarriage, also known as pregnancy loss happens due to natural reasoning and causes. In order to spot a miscarriage, you need to have an understanding about the symptoms such as bleeding, cramping, passing of tissue from the vagina, etc. It is important for the mothers to seek immediate medical attention and treatment during such a complication. Types of nuts that is useful in weight loss

Every moment during such complications is often filled with anxiousness, however with the right help and care; one can find ease and comfort.


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