Questions to Think When Picking a Breast Pump

Questions to Think When Picking a Breast Pump

Breastfeeding is a blessing, but it can also be exhausting. The right breast pump will help you handle the job of feeding your baby with ease and confidence in any setting – whether it’s at home or on the go. There are so many options out there these days; single vs. double electric ones that work best for moms just starting their journey and manual pumps designed specifically for us women who have been doing this while already.

How Often Do You Pump?

Breast pumps have many different options, depending on what you plan to use them for. For example, if your baby is a big eater and needs constant feeding from both breasts, then an automatic double electric breast pump could be perfect.

For breastfeeding moms who only need to pump a few ounces occasionally, manual or inexpensive single electric pumps can get the job done. However, a small percentage of mothers have trouble producing milk and may require hospital-grade pumps like the Spectra 2, which provide additional suction strength efficiency when it comes to making sure their little one gets excellent quality breastmilk from an illness caused by low supply, such as premature birth.

Where Do You Pump?

The type of breast pump you should use is determined by where it’ll be used most often. For example, suppose pumping at work and home is usually your only place to do so. In that case, a double electric or single battery-powered machine will maximize time away from the baby while also allowing for quiet usage during daytime hours when they’re sleeping.

However, if someone has flexible working hours with lots of room in between shifts as well as plenty of opportunity throughout each day/ night cycle; consider going ahead with either manual pumps, which can provide greater detail on-demand using multiple layers such as an outlet shield instead, or even having both types ready depending upon what’s more convenient that particular moment.

Does Your Insurance Cover a Breast Pump?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides a lot of support for new parents, and one important thing that must be covered during your breastfeeding experience is the cost of breast pumps.

According to this federal law, every health insurance plan except grandfathered ones has been obligated by 2014-2016 requirements in order get reimbursed through medical payments coverage or coinsurance at 100% after copayment with no additional out of seeds provided on top as per recommendations set forth by WHO/UNICEF expert panel report published last year titled Breastfeeding mothers need not apply” which says “Mothers who haven’t yet started any feeds but intend milk production may also benefit from providing an alternative source such as human milk.

Make sure you’re covered when breastfeeding by filling out this form. Your insurance company may have a list of approved breast pumps, but many people find that their plan covers the cost for most if not all types without any additional expense on top of what they would owe anyway–so take advantage.

“I’m glad we chose to go with [insert brand style] pumping system,” replied mom-to-be Aimee as she served her hospital bag in the hope of a presentation day last week; “The electric one is really easy and convenient because I didn’t want anything heavy-handed like an overhead screamer during milk extraction time.”

Does the Pump Come with Helpful Accessories?

The added accessories for an electric breast pump can be expensive and time-consuming, but luckily the many brands offer a kit with all of these items included in their product line. These handy kits are easy to use so that you don’t have to search through different websites or stores when trying to find what your needs are as an attachment set.

Of all the decisions you’ll make for your new baby, which breast pump should be at the top of that list? Whether it’s a manual or electric one (or even both), there are many different features and styles out there. But don’t just look as far down in price range either. Think about Comfort Level – do I like having everything right under my hands instead of relying on someone else who might not have quite got what was needed when they set up their equipment?

Get a breast pump for your little one today. The largest variety of insurance and upgrade pumps are available in one location with Pumps for Mom. Make it easy on yourself by ordering through their website, where they will take care of processing payments from work or school so you can focus all day long on being the best mom possible to this precious gift that God gave us our children.

I’ve heard many people say how hard breastfeeding is, but sadly we don’t always have enough time because life gets busy sometimes–especially when two kids need our attention.


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