Refresh Your Home’s Exterior with These Easy-to-Do Home Décor Projects

Refresh Your Home’s Exterior with These Easy-to-Do Home Décor Projects

Beautifying a home is not only done on the inside but should also be done on the outside. For people who have lived in their current home for a long time, it is common to feel bored looking at the old décor of your home. Monument dulux is a very good element for Home’s Exterior.

If you have just moved in to a different home, you might feel that the current décor doesn’t suit your preferences and you’d wish to change it soon. No matter what the reason is, a home decoration project is all you need to refresh the style of your home. To improve your home’s exterior, here are some creative yet easy-to-do décor projects you could try out.


Repainting is the easiest and one of the most budget friendly ways to spruce up your home’s look. Choosing a new paint colour would surely make your home looking new at a lesser cost and effort. Experts recommend that you use light colours if you want to make a space look bigger and darker hues if you want it to look warmer and cosier.

However, you could also try out unique paint styles such as patterns and colour blocks for a more daring style. When painting the exterior of your home, be sure to choose a paint that is strongly resistant against the elements such as Monument Dulux. You can be sure that it would last long and won’t get damaged that easily compared to regular paints.



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Spruce Up the Driveway

Do you have a driveway or walkway that looks plain and boring? One great way to boost your home’s curb appeal is by beautifying that simple driveway. First, you could add colour on the existing driveway to make it look livelier. Then, add some depth into it by lining it with bricks or pavers on the edges. This simple DIY project is a whole lot cheaper than replacing the whole driveway yet it does the trick in making your driveway look fresh and stylish.

Add Window Shutters

Window shutters not only serve as an extra protection to your windows. They could also add a decorative touch to your home’s exterior especially when you opt for the decorative ones. Since there are plenty of window shutter styles to choose from, look for one that suits the theme or colour palette of your home décor. That way, the window shutters would perfectly complement the entire look of your home.

Mount Flower Boxes

Plants have this amazing effect of instantly beautifying a space where they are placed. Add charm into your home’s exterior by mounting flower boxes on the windows. Then, create a plant arrangement of your choice – whether it is flowering plants, succulents, lush greens, or other plant types you prefer.

Beautifying your home need not be expensive. Try out these simple DIY home decorating projects and you’ll definitely be amazed on how it transforms the look of your home from the plain and boring one to something livelier and stylish.

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