Shilhaandara Resort – Complete Detailed Guide

Shilhaandara Resort – Complete Detailed Guide

This reservation is known as one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Bangalore. While at the center you can easily enjoy a lot of fun, play some indoor games like pool, some outdoor games, you can enjoy it in a different built environment, and you can play football with your friends here.

Time: 08.00 a.m. to 05.30 pm

Route to Resort:

The resort is surrounded by rocks and mountains, 60km from Bangalore, near Ramanagar. The resort is located on a hilly area, which was once a beautiful place with lots of greenery and rocky hills. The magnificent view of the forest area and the hills from some areas will give you a wonderful feeling and fresh air.

 Natural beauty:

This hotel is quite different from other standard resorts as it is located in a very large area, with large green grass and a lot of open space. The building is surrounded by natural beauty with a green look. These have built this resort without destroying the natural beauty. Alsi here a great place was there to walk around the area to enjoy a different view.


The route through Shilhaandara Resort is actually a narrow trail here that can take a different route, it will take a few more minutes to get to this place. If you choose any short distance to cover the terk, you will definitely miss out on such great views.


There are 3 different packages at Shilhaandara Resort

  • Pack for the Day
  • Full day pack
  • Hi-Tea and dinner package.

Another entertainment in Shilhaandara lounge

  • Indoor games such as Table, Carom, Chess, Dart, and use of a swimming pool also Rain Dance – Available 30 minutes.
  • External games such as




Bow and arrow and so on.

Other entertainment costs available:

Cables – Rs. 50 (per game)

Bills – Rs .100

Bungee trampoline – Rs. 150

Quad Bike, Paintball – Rs each. 200

Zorbing Football – Rs. 200

Gear bikes – Rs. 200

Zipline-Rs 400.


Badminton: To play this you have to save the Rs.100 you will get when you go back.

Carrom: You do not have to pay extra and it is only available near the ticket counter.


This line is 250 meters long and 100 meters high and this is considered one of the longest ropes in Karnataka.


This is a job that suits you based on your strengths. And it determines your total and balance. This may seem easy at first, but it really isn’t. This job depends on it – it’s all about your physical strength. This can take up to 5 minutes to reach the edge and come back again. Those 5 minutes the world is really long.


Lunch from 1:00 to 2:30 pm can be made at Shilhaandara Resort, which is a buffet. This is a dish with a variety of dishes and a variety of spreads.






Paneer. And it all tastes really good.


Free parking is available to guests.

The building is beautiful and has a variety of activities that will keep you busy throughout the day. Parking is never an issue because there is enough parking for more than 500 people.

 Popular attractions:

Nearby attractions include

  • Ramadevara Betta Hill (1.8 km),
  • Shilhaandara Resort (0.09 km), and
  • Ramnagar Museum (4.2 km).

It therefore has a beautiful indoor space and service, in the midst of nature:

Here the interiors were shaped like ancient caves with large stone structures, made of stone. This is completely surrounded by hills and a large forest area. Here you can have a choice of cottages or you can have tents here. The tents were well built and it was very expensive to get the experience of sleeping under the stars.

 Room types:

The Shilhaandara Hotel is available in three types of rooms:

  • Sougandhika (Jacuzzi Room),

Soumithre – Pool Room,

  • Soumithre – Standard room.


If you visit Shilhaandara Resort during the day, it may be very crowded. And the cost of Shilhaandara Resort was cheaper during the day.


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