Shredding Vs Recycling Papers: Pros and Cons

Shredding Vs Recycling Papers: Pros and Cons

Paper recycling rates are rising as more people want to lower their “carbon footprint.” However, simply since they are paper, dumping your docs in the recycling bin might not be the wisest course of action. Examining each method and contrasting the security of shredding and recycling paper can help you comprehend the distinctions between the two.

The Risks of Recycling

People need to understand that throwing objects in the recycling bin is not in any way safer than throwing them in the trash. The following are five risks associated with recycling your private documents.

When Garbage or Recyclables Is Placed on The Curb, It Becomes Public Property

The U.S. Supreme Court held in 1988 that law enforcement officers do not need a warrant to sift through trash bags left on the curb by homeowners. This implies that once your garbage or recycling is placed on the curb for pickup, anyone can look through it.

Transporting Recyclables Is Not Done Safely

Recycling vehicles resemble garbage vehicles in appearance. Your papers will be dropped off at a recycling site after being tossed around in the rear of the truck and mixed with other people’s personal papers and things. Your documents can remain on the sorting levels for 2-4 weeks before being destroyed.

Workers Will Gain Access to Your Papers Because All Recyclables Must Be Sorted

Before it could be recycled, paper must be sorted into distinct grades. Machines can sort this to some extent, but humans are also employed to aid with the tasks that machines are unable to complete. Additionally, some businesses must perform the full sorting procedure by hand. Before being recycled, your documents may pass through the hands of several different workers. Without your knowledge, this enables dozens of individuals access to your documents directly.

Advantages of Paper Shredding

Contrary to recycling your paper, shredding it at a safe shredding facility has a number of benefits, such as:

You Plan When to Destroy Your Documents

For both people and corporations, expert shredding companies provide mobile, off-site, and drop-off cutting. You will constantly be able to see how safe your papers are, either you need someone to come and destroy your papers in front of you or you just want a supplied, secured bin to be collected at your home or business. You can check out the best paper shredders Australia has to offer.

Your Papers Are Destroyed, And You Are Then Issued a Proof of Destruction

A proof of destruction will be given to you right away once your documents are destroyed. You will also have a record available to support your claim if you ever need to provide evidence in court proving the date and location of a document’s destruction.

Your Privacy Is a Shredding Company’s First Priority

Companies that shred documents are committed to protecting your confidentiality and preventing identity fraud. Their entire procedure is made to keep your records as private and secure as they can be while also keeping you in line with local, state, and federal rules.

There are very good reasons why you will choose to destroy your vital documents when deciding between recycling and shredding paper. Recycling is a significant aspect of the world in which we live, but about your own security, you can take it a step further by having your documents securely destroyed and then having the fragments recycled at a facility.

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