Simplifying Banking with IVR System: A new wave of Fintech Innovation

Simplifying Banking with IVR System: A new wave of Fintech Innovation

IVR system India is a cloud-based technology that allows businesses to automatically interact with customers through pre-recorded voice messages and text-to-speech technology. It functions according to the DTMF input that is entered by the customers. IVR system India interacts with the callers and routes calls to agents when requested or required.

The important features that bring about a new wave of innovation in the fintech industry are:

  1. Customizable menu: IVR number provider allows a business to customize the menu as per the need of the business. A business can upgrade it as per the changing demands of the business. The call flow can be categorized and organized with the IVR menu that can also have options for sub-menu. It makes navigation easier, communication instant, and service more accessible. The menu allows a business to offer service without any human agent and can also transfer calls if requested.
  2. 24×7 support system: IVR Solutions offer an around-the-clock support system for customers. It offers responses through recorded messages and also provides instant query resolution. A business can offer better accessibility and service delivery by using an IVR solution. It helps in easy rapport building and service delivery. It is very customer-friendly and increases the interaction rate.
  3. Call routing: A business can easily route calls to an agent or a department as per the request of the customer. Call routing helps a business to contact the business instantly without any delay. This helps a business to get immediate resolution and help. Call routing reduces callers’ wait time, and offers immediate service. Call routing reduces the manual work of connecting and redirecting along with offering productive time to the customers.
  4. Call recording: All inbound and outbound calls can be automatically recorded with the solution. Call recordings form a strong database that is stored in the cloud. The database can be used as a foundation for market research, market analysis, sales, product promotion, etc. It can also be used to make tools for strategies and training purposes. Call recordings can be used to monitor end-to-end conversation during calls that helps to analyze customer as well as agent behavior. It can also be used as evidence, if and when required.
  5. Concurrent calling: IVR solutions allow a business to attend concurrent calls. It makes handling large call volumes easy. It allows a business to easily manage multiple calls at the same time effortlessly. It enhances agents and business productivity, more engagement rate, and easy market expansion.
  6. Multiple language options: A business can offer multiple language options to customers. Communication is made easier, accessible, comfortable, and acceptable with this feature. A business can take strong advantage of this feature. IVR menu can offer language options that a customer can choose from. It gives them the authority and freedom to choose. It helps to connect better and avail services easily.

IVR system in India helps the banking industry in the following ways:

  1. With the IVR menu, customers can easily check their balance, transaction history, transfer money, etc. The IVR menu also helps the business to keep track of the transactions and connect with the agents when requested. A customer can use a banking facility without going to the bank.
  2. IVR number providers can help the banking industry by offering options for different local and national languages that make communication easier. It makes banking facilities more accessible and people can choose their language of choice for communication. It reduces communication barriers.
  3. The IVR system can be used by the banking industry to remind the customer of loan or EMI payments. Reminder is an easy and important way of communicating with customers that do not include any human agent.
  4. IVR number providers can help the business to easily route calls of the customers to the agents. The customers can easily communicate with the agents by just pressing a few buttons. This can be used to address any issue like finance counseling, queries related to loans, opening a new account, money transactions, etc.

The IVR system has simplified banking for all. It has reduced the barriers and made banking easier for the elderly, differently abled, and all sections of people. With the IVR system, inbound calls have significantly increased in the banking sector which has also reduced the crowd as most of the services can be availed through just calls.

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