The next-generation AI trends: Facets of upcoming AI evolution

The next-generation AI trends: Facets of upcoming AI evolution

Artificial intelligence has been hailed as the most transformative technology of the 21st century. The impact that artificial intelligence has had on various types of sectors is unprecedented and unconventional in nature. A large number of industries in the present times have changed their nature of functioning to cope up with the technological change that AI has brought. There have also been a large number of AI programs that have been initiated by the companies to reskill their employees. In addition to this, various types of artificial intelligence courses have been started so that migration to new jobs and skills becomes easier. The most advanced among these courses are the artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore.

That said, the recent shift that we are seeing in the industrial ecosystem connotes that artificial intelligence itself would undergo further evolution. This article aims to shed light on the various facets of this upcoming evolution in AI.

AI and workforce

Amid fears of machines replacing the human workforce, artificial intelligence has come up with an answer. In an age that is automating at a rapid pace, artificial intelligence is slated to replace jobs that are repetitive as well as redundant in nature. However, it needs to be noted that artificial intelligence would also create jobs that require the cognitive capabilities of the human mind. Hence, the fear that the majority of jobs would be replaced by AI systems is baseless. In fact, artificial intelligence would lead to the creation of more jobs than it would replace. In addition to this, artificial intelligence would also give rise to such tools and techniques that would diversify the skill set of the existing workforce.

In the age of industry 4.0, it is necessary that the workforce develops capabilities that allow them to harness the power of these smart systems and work alongside them. The modern workforce needs interdisciplinary skills to operate in the domains of Engineering, Technology, information sector, finance, logistics, manufacturing, retail, E-Commerce, manufacturing, and other kinds of knowledge industries. This means that the traditional skills will not be sufficient to cater to the above-mentioned domains. This is where the question of reskilling the workforce arises. In fact, a large number of industrial domains have already started AI courses for their professionals. For manual workers,  reskilling with AI tools and techniques has been made compulsory in the probationary period. This is evidence that not only the industry is automating but the modern workforce as a unit is evolving as well.

The cover of cybersecurity

According to the world economic forum, cybercrime is one of the most threatening things of the 21st century. It can act as a virtual barrier to the technological process that we are seeking in the near future. Hence, there is a great need to secure our smart systems and devices and protect them from any kinds of malicious attacks. This is where Artificial Intelligence can play a great role. With the help of artificial intelligence, we can make a deep analysis of the network traffic and recognize the instances of anomalous activities with the help of advanced algorithms. This can help us in detecting the various attacks even before they occur.


By metaverse, we mean a full-fledged digital environment that provides a unique interface to the users for both working and playing. This digital environment is like a virtual world that provides an immersive kind of experience to the users and relies on the aggregate of virtual reality and social media platforms. With the help of artificial intelligence, the emerging trend of metaverse will be taken to a different level. We can augment the digital environment with the help of merged reality and augmented reality. The virtual interface can also be supplemented with the help of cognitive inputs from artificial intelligence that depart from the orthodox gaming experience. In one word, Artificial Intelligence and metaverse will give rise to a workstation that allows users the joy of gaming and working in a single environment.

The way ahead

In addition to the above-mentioned trends, there would be the evolution of artificial intelligence and a new genre called creative AI would come into existence. Creative AI would incorporate under its umbrella the verticals of art, music, gaming, poetry, literature, and all those fields that can bring artificial intelligence closer to Social Sciences and Humanities. In this way, the real potential of artificial intelligence would be explored in the times to come.

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