The Simplest Ways to Add Cosiness to Your Room

The Simplest Ways to Add Cosiness to Your Room

Setting up your very own cosy space might be one of the most fun things to do, especially now that you’re locked down at home. Here is how you can explore and make the maximum out of the minimum, given the current situation.

Why You Shouldn’t Go Overboard

It is a natural tendency to get a bit excited when it comes to setting up your very own space at home. With all that you find in the stores, the urge to explore and basically try out everything can be quite hard to resist.

Nevertheless, going overboard with such things can be quite costly, whether or not it helps you achieve your ultimate expectations. Trying out simple, even cost-effective options might not only help save money and time, but also do complete justice to your cosy expectations. Thus, if you are checking out various ideas, make sure you do so patiently, and not overdo your shopping in a haste.

Anything Other Than a Couch?

The main thing you will focus on is having more than one possibility to chill and feel super comfortable in your specific personal space. You may or not have a cosy couch set up already. Some may prefer not to have couches at all, especially if their space is relatively small. Nevertheless, a couch isn’t always the essential element in a cosy corner, although it may always feel like it is.

You can turn to interesting alternatives (or additions for that matter) such as a bean bag lounger, cosy convertible furniture, or fun items like a hammock. There are no such things as appropriate furniture or design when it comes to your very own personal chill out zone. Thus, feel free to go ahead and explore the little things you can do.

Things on the Floor

If you’ve a pet dog, you might pay a little more attention to things to put on the floor that will make you and your little friends feel cosy together. Again, your choices aren’t limited! Consider looking at a range of rugs and carpets, plush pillows and toys that could go in the cosy corner. These are small things that can add a lot of warmth and pleasantness to your space.


Are you wondering what you can add to your walls? It isn’t always plush and fluff that necessarily translate to cosiness in a room. Some lovely curtains, or charming décor on the walls such as wall-hangings for instance, can contribute greatly in creating the warm feeling in a small space. Obviously, though, you will need to be careful with your choices, and pick out items that look tame.

Go Easy on the Colours

As mentioned before, it’s not always your couch and your cushions that matter. Colour can be so important in creating a warm and comforting ambience. However, you must make sure you opt for the right colours. You certainly wouldn’t want neon colours painted all around you or anything loud as such, but go for simple solid colours, or pastel shades that will cool your and everybody else’s eye.

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