The story of third day of navratri The Goddess Chandraghanta

The story of third day of navratri The Goddess Chandraghanta

The Navratri is the is combination of two Sanskrit words “Nav” and “ratri” which means “nine” and “nights”. So, the name of this festival itself shows the span of it means it is celebrated for nine night (ten days). The Navratri is celebrated in every corner of world with the different reasons. The Navratri is celebrated four times in the year. The main it is celebrated at the time of autumn season. The other names of Navratri is Sharad Navratri, it is also spelled as Navaratri and Durga Puja. During this period people wear Chania Choli’s and Kedya’s.

The Chandraghanta was the third avatar of Goddess Durga. If you want information about this third day then read till end because till end you will have all your answers of your related question.

The story is given below :-

At the suggestion of sage Narad Muni goddess Parvati has engaged in deep penance and tapasya Lord Shiva had retreated in mountains in deep meditation after his first companion Goddess Sati died. Goddess Parvati’s tapasya was made to realise Lord Shiva that she is the Goddess Sati in their reborn form as the Goddess Parvati. After making penance for thousands of years. After this penance Goddess Parvati had succeeded by realising Lord Shiva who she was and they decided to marry each other. On the day of wedding Goddess Parvati was beautifully decked up for wedding with Lord Shiva. All the God’s and Demigod’s who arrived as the guest they were also beautifully dressed up to witness the divine wedding. Goddess Parvati’s mother Mena was standing at the door of the house to welcome her Son- In- Law when he came to that house. But poor Mena fainted in terror when saw Lord Shiva approaching the house. The Lord Shiva is the lord of three worlds and his followers include God’s and Demon’s alike. The Lord Shiva doesn’t distinguish between their followers. The Lord Shiva is all comfortable in beautiful places like the mountains and forest as he is in places like cremation ground’s for the dead. Since some of his followers lived in there Lord Shiva visits them there. On the day of their weddings Lord Shiva came to the house of Goddess Parvati accompanied by ghosts and demons as guests. He was not wearing beautiful clothes of a groom instead his body was smeared in ashes from cremation ground his hair was frizzed and Lord Shiva gave all the guest and Goddess Parvati’s mother quite a scare. The Goddess Parvati recognize Lord Shiva’s nature and divinity and she loved ash smeared Lord Shiva as much as any other version of him. But, in order to calm down guests and her mother who insisted that Lord Shiva will fittingly dressed for wedding. The Goddess Parvati needed to show Lord Shiva that they needed to be dressed like a groom and so Goddess Parvati transformed herself from a woman into charming, powerful divine form with ten arms three eyes holding different weapons like the mace, the sword, the bow and arrow and the trident and riding a Tiger. Seeing this charming and divine form of Goddess Parvati The Lord Shiva was inspired and transformed himself into a beautiful bridegroom as well this form of the Lord Shiva is called as Kalyan Sunder. Once the Lord Shiva was fittingly dressed then the wedding between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati took place. The Lord Shiva adorns his matted hair with the Moon so Goddess Parvati also adorns her fore head with the moon which looked like bell. This divine marry form of Goddess is known as “Chandraghanta”. Since, Chandra means “moon” and ghanta means “Bell”. This form of the Goddess is seem to be ferocious. But she is the goddess who protect her people.

So, this was the third form of the Goddess Durga and on the third day of the navratri the Goddess Chandraghanta is being worshipped. This form of goddess is Also called as the Goddess who fights with the Demons. She is also having the names Chandika or Rannchandi. The wepons which they carry is are as fallows Sword, Trident,  Bow, Jaap maala, Lotus, Gada, Gyan mudra and Kamandal. For more detail regarding this avatar of Goddess you can contact famous Astrologer in Ahmedabad. He knows all story of navratri. He will help you how to do workship of all goddess durga and what we should offer to goddess.


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