The Struggles And Ways Of Staying Fit In Lockdown

The Struggles And Ways Of Staying Fit In Lockdown

The lockdown has made our life quite monotonous while struggling with the everyday issues of our new lifestyle. The masses have started following a virtual routine, online classes, work from home, and dealing with the stress from these difficult times. With all these busy and stressful situations in the surrounding environment, it is very common to not be able to stay fit. In simpler words, not having enough time to focus on one’s own health.

Staying home and taking precautions is surely saving the human population from contracting the virus, but it also leads to people becoming more and more ignorant towards their daily habits.

Unbalanced sleep schedules, little to no physical activity, and very unhealthy and untimely eating habits. This is not just limited to school-going children, college students, and working people but also to the homemakers who are facing a very colossal amount of pressure in their daily routines. Coronavirus: How to stay fit at home during lockdown

Homemakers are faced with an increase in their daily tasks as they take care of their respective families.

The first and foremost practice of fitness is to divide labor in the house. Division of chores leads to discipline towards fitness.

Here are some easy and fun ways to be best friends with your beautiful body:-


A very good way to not just get in shape but build some stamina, get flexible and stay healthy is to work out. Various suggestions include working out every day but that is not the case. Studies have suggested that working out or exercising even twice to thrice a week is sufficient for the body. Workout also helps with the sharpening of skills, mind and also helps fighting addictions. It also washes off the toxins in your body through different methods. Workout also exists in different forms. For example:- To lower the menstrual cramps

To avoid unhealthy gas build-up and bloating during pregnancy

  • To get the desired body
  • To fight off diseases,

Vegetables are not just sources of vitamins, minerals, and various other nutrients, they also provide us with a certain percentage of water-rich in those nutrients that we intake through foods. Not just vegetables but pulses contain sufficient amounts of proteins that can be a great replacement for a balanced vegan meal.


A good deal of health experts has reported that the highest received complaint during the lockdown has been weight gain in various age groups. People have reported not being able to control their eating habits while staying home. This is a vital reason for health issues but the solution is there as well. One can avoid unwanted weight gain by monitoring the number of calories one consumes.


Sugar is one of the sweet poisons of life, not taking a regulated amount may cause diabetes, obesity, and various heart problems. Controlling the amount of sugar one consumes might be a difficult task, as sugar is one of the most important items of consumption.

Once the amount of sugar consumed has been regulated, a noticeable difference in one’s health will help avoid various health risks. Coronavirus lockdown

  1. SLEEP

Sleep plays a necessary role in not just life but also in maintaining the balance inside the body. Lack of sleep can cause heart palpitations, hallucinations, agitated behavior, eating disorders, extreme weight gain or extreme weight loss, and lack of efficiency.

Many other tips that you must never forget are:-

  • Drinking 8-10 glasses of water
  • Practicing meditation
  • Self-practice of puzzles and other games to increase the thinking power
  • And do not forget to stay tuned to your hobbies.

Fitness is not just a physical thing, mental fitness leads to better growth and change in an individual with a better and more controlled merry lifestyle.


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