Top 5 Advantages of Mobile Diagnostics Software?

Top 5 Advantages of Mobile Diagnostics Software?

Refurbishers, merchants, and wholesalers require precise mobile device diagnostic testing to obtain the most possible resale value for each mobile device traded home. In order to evaluate the functioning and health of used mobile devices before they are sold on the secondary market, this article offers the main advantages of plug-and-play mobile diagnostics software.

With over 6.6 billion active cellphones in use, the demand for used mobile devices has sharply increased, largely driven by changing customer preferences. The International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that by 2024, used smartphone shipments will total roughly 351.6 million units. The used device business has a bright future thanks to customer demand for them and the slowing economy. In order to provide clients with high-quality gadgets, retailers and refurbishers must improve their capacity to evaluate the functionality of used devices.

If used smartphones are examined and graded using expert mobile diagnostics software that produces a complete diagnostics report outlining the operation of each and every component of the devices on sale, mobile retailers can command a higher resale price from clients. If smartphones, tablets, iPads, phablets, or digital notebooks have been evaluated for performance and basic functionality, their resale value will be higher. In order to find any potential problems and get them addressed before reselling the item on the secondary market, accurate diagnostics are essential.

With its user-friendly interface, BitRaser Mobile Eraser and Diagnostics enables shops to quickly and easily analyse up to 40 mobile devices at once, evaluating various device components. The app runs more than 40 automated and manual checks, including ones for the microphone, battery, camera, Bluetooth, sensors, RAM, and GPS. The top diagnostic software can assess the functionality of both Android and iOS devices and produce test results. Naturally, it can also safely delete data, which is necessary in the era of privacy protection.

The following are some of Mobile Diagnostics software’s major advantages:

Simple to Use

Installing BitRaser Mobile Diagnostics is simple on Windows, Mac, and minimal hardware. The software runs the complete diagnostics process in no more than 15-20 minutes and has an intuitive GUI that is simple to use. A deployment and user guide is available as a quick reference for comprehending the software.

Obtain client trust

A thorough diagnostics test report produced by BitRaser is automatically saved to the cloud and kept up to date in the reports repository. These reports give customers the confidence they need by assuring them that the gadget has been accurately evaluated using a reliable method.

Increases the value of resale

The majority of mobile gadgets and smartphones provide buy-back or trade-in alternatives. Sellers can evaluate used phones based on their condition, functionality, and quality using reputable mobile diagnostics software, which becomes a determining element in determining the mobile device’s pricing. On a scale of A+, A, B, and C, the phones are typically rated. High-grade electronics are sold for a higher price and have a good secondary market resale value.

Solution that is Automatic and Customized

With BitRaser’s mobile solution, you may not only automate the diagnostics procedure but also modify the tests to meet your needs depending on mobile devices. Without putting the energy of your employees into human testing, which may be prone to error, the automated tests enable you to quickly examine numerous devices and determine the quality of smartphones.

Correct Diagnosis

All the parts of mobile devices, including the battery, camera, internal memory, microphone, GPS, sensors, Bluetooth, RAM, SIM card, and others, are examined during automatic and aided diagnostic testing. As a result, it provides you with an accurate image of a device’s operational state. The battery life, network latency, call interruptions, front- or regular-camera quality, touch screen sensitivity, and similar information can also be provided.

The conclusion

People are now choosing to purchase these used smartphones since they are good quality refurbished and used mobile devices that are readily available on the market. The market for used devices is changing as a result of the development of precise mobile tests and high-quality diagnostics. Every year, well-known phone manufacturers update their cellphones, but the price increase falls short of the upgrade gap, creating new business opportunities for mobile processors and merchants in the used market. Persistence Market Research estimates that by 2031, the global market for refurbished and used mobile phones would be worth $143.8 billion. So, mobile traders can assess the performance of their products, win over customers, and raise the resale value of these products by using a trustworthy diagnostics tool like BitRaser.


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