Top 7 Courses to Study in USA

Top 7 Courses to Study in USA

When you think of pursuing higher education abroad, the United States of America is among the top choices for every student. Considering the quality of education imparted, qualification of the faculty, immigrant friendly financial aid and scholarships available, reputation of the universities and the standard of living in the country, pursuing higher education from any of the universities in the USA is an attractive prospect.

Millions of students every year from all over the world flock to the USA to realise their dreams – be it engineering, medicine, business management or even social science. No other country can beat the USA when it comes to cultural diversity and varied demographics. Getting to study in USA ensures you get much needed exposure, immerse yourself in the rich culture and heritage of different countries and build a great network of contacts from different parts of the world.

Here is a list comprising of 7 of the most sought after courses to study in the USA from students all around the world:

7 Best Courses to Study in USA

1.     Engineering

With the growing popularity of STEM subjects, engineering ranks at the top when it comes to best courses to study in the USA. There are a plethora of specialisation options available for engineering aspirants from different universities in the USA encompassing petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, aeronautical engineering, material engineering, etc. to name a few. Some of the most popular universities offering engineering courses are Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), CalTech, Harvard, Stanford and University of California, Berkeley. 

2.   Business Management

Another popular choice for students is to pursue higher education in business management courses. Reputed for their impeccable syllabus and cutthroat competition, business schools in the USA are in a league of their own vis-a-vis the rest of the world. The career opportunities that await business graduates from the USA are unbeatable by a mile and hence it is not surprising that the competition to get into any of the Ivy League business schools in the USA is tough.The most desired business schools in the USA are Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, Columbia and Sloan, MIT. Virtual learning over traditional learning

3.   Medicine

Life sciences and medicine courses in the USA find a lot of takers among international students. Getting admission to MBBS courses in the USA is as tough a task as any. What makes it attractive is the standard of education imparted and the fact that an MBBS degree from the USA is valid for practice in any part of the world. The top universities offering MBBS courses in the USA are John Hopkins, Stanford, Harvard, UCLA and University of California, San Francisco.

4.   Computer Science

Computer Science is yet another popular course sought by many international students. Being one of the fastest and dynamic technologically advanced countries in the world, not to mention the presence of Silicon Valley, the USA is one of the perfect places for you to pursue your higher education in computer science. The best universities that offer computer science courses in the USA are MIT, Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford, Harvard and University of California, Berkeley.

5.    Law

Law is one of the most sought after and highly competitive degrees to get admission to in the USA. To study law in any of the top ranked universities in the USA, you need to get one of the top scores in your LSAT exams and do incredibly well on your interview as well. Some of the best universities to pursue a degree in law in the USA are Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Penn State and Stanford.

6.   Applied Sciences

A degree in applied sciences from any of the universities in the USA is highly desirable in this day and age. Applied sciences involve the practical application of various branches of knowledge. It includes a variety of specializations such as communication, forensics, applied physics, criminal justice, mathematics, applied geomatics, astrophysics and so much more

7.    Liberal Arts

Last but not least, a degree in liberal arts from any of the top ranked universities in the USA is also highly sought after by students from far and wide. The USA produces some of the best talent the world has to offer in the fields of art history, theatre, ballet, fine arts, speech as well as sociology, economics, political science, international relations and psychology.


If you are a student seeking to pursue higher education in the USA, this list is a helpful guide in knowing what the popular courses and the reputed universities are. But if you wish to know further, it is best to connect with a reputed study abroad consultant such as Apachia, who has the resources and expertise to guide you in the right direction. Give us a call today. 


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