Top Certifications in Data Science and Analytics

Top Certifications in Data Science and Analytics
‘Data scientist’ is a top trending job having earned quite a reputation in the IT industry these days. Analyzing and interpreting data is an increasing requirement throughout the modern workplace. Organizations are eager to hire data professionals who can resourcefully use the information gathered by a business. Insight data science employees are the most relied on by businesses to evaluate daily operations and provide rightful decisions. Data science certifications are a great way to gain an edge as they allow the development of skills that are hard to find in one’s desired industry. This way your skills are validated, so hiring managers and recruiters know what they’re receiving if they hire you. Certifications are the key to get into the data science field if any individual wants to stand out against the competition. The following are the top organizations offering data science certifications that you can register for in the upcoming year:

Certified Analytics Professional (CAP):

CAP is a trusted and one of the best data science certifications hosted by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) related to soft skills possessed by data science professionals, accomplished analytics professionals, and also valued by science-oriented organizations. It is a vendor-neutral certification that validates one’s ability to convert complex data into valuable actions and insights. This is exactly what every enterprise these days prefers in a data scientist. There are certain criteria to be met before taking up for Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) or the associate Certified Analytics Professional (aCAP) data science certifications exams. • CAP: A master’s degree in the related field will require three years of experience, a bachelor’s degree in the related field will require seven years of experience and, a degree in the non-analytic field will require seven years of experience… • aCAP: A master’s degree in the related field is required with less than three years of analytical experience.

Senior Data Scientist (SDS)

The SDS certification program by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) is designed for professionals with at least five years of analytics and research experience. The five tracks of this program appeal to different candidates with different requirements in terms of prerequisites, work experience, and degree level to apply. The students are recommended to have good knowledge of statistical analytics, quantitative methods, spreadsheets, SPSS/SAS, RDBMS, databases, and object-oriented programming. A bachelor’s degree with over five years of data science experience is basic for each track, while some of these require past certifications or a master’s degree to earn this data science certification online.

Principle Data Scientist (PDS)

The PDS certification program by DASCA is designed for accomplished and renowned data scientists. Individuals seeking certifications for data science are required to have strong knowledge about statistics, with the required techniques to handle problems of permutations and combinations, averages and dispersion, and calculating central tendencies. In addition, knowledge about creating charts, scatter plots, and histograms is also a must. The PDS data science certification includes three tracks with a requirement of a minimum experience of 10 years in big data. The exam covers every aspect from basics to advanced data science concepts such as machine learning, business strategies for data, big data best practices, cross-organizational support, and more.

Professional Data Engineer Certification

Those having experience in management and designing of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) solutions along with its foundational knowledge can earn the Professional Data Engineer Certification offered by Google. This exam is typically designed to test your potential with securing, designing, building, ope rationalizing data processing systems and machine learning models. The recommended experience for this data science certification online is at least three years of experience in the related industry with over one year of Google Cloud managing and designing solutions.

Azure Data Scientist Associate (ADSA)

ADSA certification assisted by Microsoft focuses on an individual’s ability to use machine learning to run and implement ML workloads on Azure. Subject matter expertise in data science using Azure data bricks and Azure machine learning is required to earn this certification. Candidates seeking subject expertise in big data and analytics should seek to earn data science certifications. Details about top-notch certifications are provided below.

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