Top Reasons Why Businesses are Chasing Big Data Analytics to Build Customer Relationships

Top Reasons Why Businesses are Chasing Big Data Analytics to Build Customer Relationships

In a bid to become an agile enterprise using big data analytics, talent teams are looking out for top grade IT and Data Science professionals who have a certificate in Big Data analytics from reputable institutions. In this article, we will highlight the biggest reasons that influence businesses to adopt big data analytics software to build better customer relationships.

#1 Every investor loves the idea of having data driven CRM

If you are watching Shark Tank India these days, chances are you would be further attracted to big data analytics certification programs considering the endless possibilities these projects offer specific to the CRM market.

A prolific Google engineer had once said that we now produce as much data in a day that was created between the dawn of mankind and the current era. That year was 2010! Today, the same volume of information is created within less than 5 minutes, and this is what determines who is winning and losing in the modern business environment. We have come across next generation Big Data mining and intelligence tools that perform the exact task to gather, engineer, analyze and report information in a more accurate manner.

So, if you ever plan to work with a CRM software making company or wish to start your own, a certificate in big data analytics would set you on the fastest path to succeeding with investors.

#2 Fast Analytics Deliver Superior Business Results

We all know the various mediums brands and businesses used to interact with their customers. Between 2010 and 2020, the world has added 2000+ different types of social media marketing and advertising platforms, and each has its own way of utilizing big data for business processes. Google Suite is one of the best examples in this area. From a prolific search engine, the technology leader continuously used Big Data to create marketing and advertising specific platforms, such as Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google AI, Google Marketing Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, and added different features from its acquisitions of YouTube, Android and so on to expand into the world of customer relationships powered by highly effective big data analytics. Similar case studies are available across multiple organizations, such as IBM, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, Uber, and our very own home-grown platforms such as HCL Systems, Flipkart, and BharatPe.

#3 Big Data is The Secret Ingredient for Agile Enterprise Frameworks

Industry leaders are fostering the idea among technology innovation companies that faster the processing of data, quicker the outcomes in a real business environment involving various departments such as Marketing, Sales, Finance, and Customer Services; and, this is what separates business leaders from the lagging ones who understand where data analytics could lead them to in the future, especially when they are frantically chasing the dream of becoming Agile, Digitally transformed organizations in a very short span of time

#4 Big Data Simplifies Business Processes

The current focus of any CRM company selling to enterprises and SMEs is straightforward. Use Big Data to train Machine Learning algorithms which simplify the whole process of turning customer data into meaningful actionable insights. Using AI and machine learning in CRM development requires quick splicing of large chunks of data, ensuring there is 0% redundancy and duplication of information, even when we have predictive analytics powered by business intelligence software to take out inaccurate or erroneous data in real time. For business analysis teams that are hired to simplify backend processes that go into CRM operations and upgrades, training with big data tools can certainly eliminate all the headaches commonly associated with CRM suites.

#5 ROI gets a massive boost

The number one reason for any CIO to recommend a tool for enterprise adoption is the return on investments that the platform would bring eventually. The cost of digital transformation is evaluated from the dollars it cost to deploy, train users, and finally the monies saved by automating mundane human tasks.

In order to top the competition, Big Data based Customer Relationship management plays a very crucial role. CRM is the backbone of Marketing and Sales, and thanks to huge investments in big data analytics tools, the business analysts are able to drive home better results in a more cost-optimized budget. But, it’s not possible to merely tap the resources onto CRM and business analytics tools. We need the talent to drive home good results in a more sustainable and transparent manner. That’s where India’s certification programs in Big Data analytics and data science come in handy.

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