Trends Transforming Education in 2022

Trends Transforming Education in 2022

While the worldwide pandemic has presented the world with its hardships and tribulations, technology has managed to keep many ships afloat.

Technology has undergone significant modifications over the years, making it a valuable tool in a variety of societal sectors. This is particularly true in the education system, which appears to have been altered by instructional technologies. Some of the vital education technology trends include:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality

Even though they are not a part of everyday life, you can likely foresee a future in which they will play a significant role.

According to a PEW report, human-technology relations will improve, and tech-savvy learners will be in high demand.

Considering these technological developments, students and teachers need to be aware of the educational trends in 2022, such as:

Easy access to teaching and learning

Students now have easy access to study and information, thanks to the Internet and computers. By the fall of 2021, more than half of students enrolled in some form of distance learning at a bachelor’s or intermediate school. In the education industry, the technology-infused teaching style has its own set of obstacles, but it also helps learners to be more flexible in terms of presenting learning schedules. Learners can access live or recorded lectures at their leisure. Teachers will need to learn how to accommodate varied learning styles.

AI-driven teaching programs

Finance and healthcare are two domains where artificial intelligence applications are on the increase. The education industry, on the other hand, is not far behind. The use of computerized scoring systems and AI teaching staff is increasing, providing us with a glimpse of educational trends in 2022 and ahead.

David Kellerman’s Question Bot is a great example of artificial intelligence in action. The question bot was created at the University of New South Wales to answer students’ questions and broadcast previously recorded lecture footage. The bot’s deep learning skills ensure that it improves as it is exposed to a wider range of inquiries. Automation can handle laborious and dull duties, allowing educators to focus on the more sophisticated ones.

Deep learning with AR/VR

These technologies can do wonders for a student’s attention and concentration. These technologies and education trends in 2022 enable students to remove distractions and focus on their studies. It also is a useful tool for students with ADD/ADHD, because VR technology can completely engage the user in its digital universe.

Blockchain innovation

The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) of Blockchain offers several benefits to education, particularly data storage. When new data is added, a new ‘block’ is created. As a result, theoretically, storage is limitless. This technological trend in 2022 is being used to authenticate knowledge in ePortfolios and MOOCs (MOOCs). DLT technology provides solutions to the scalability, authentication, and price concerns faced by eLearning organizations.

Gamifying process

This is among the most recent educational trends. Gamifying classes are becoming increasingly popular among educators. This is useful for engaging kids and generating maximum interest and excitement in studying. One of the emerging educational trends is Moonshot Jr’s Moonpreneur – business strategy board game. Moonpreneur is a fun instructional board game that has assisted hundreds of children, young people, and adults in gaining financial literacy and stimulating an entrepreneurial mindset. This informative and engaging board game makes studying financial principles enjoyable for children who might otherwise not have the opportunity to do so.


Educational advancements are affecting the educational industry in terms of learning. Considering the pandemic situation, education has grown more accessible and convenient, aspirations have also risen. Modern technology and new educational trends present us with solutions to any situation. Students have been allowed to communicate remotely and continue their studies. We could not have envisioned something like this not long ago.



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