Triund Trek: A Perfect Weekend Destination

Triund Trek: A Perfect Weekend Destination

One of the easiest, DIY Himalayan hiking trips. Triund trek. It is toward Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh, India. It is toward Dharamshala. It is simply because the route to the summit of the Triund is well defined. The path passes through Oak, Pine, Deodar, and Rhododendron woodlands. This trail gives a beautiful perspective on one side of the snow-capped Dhauladhar and on the other side of the spectacular Kangra Valley. The view from birds of the entire district of Kangra and HPCA cricket Stadium is also visible (the most beautiful cricket stadium of India). The hike offers amazing views. The pathway is nevertheless constantly crowded. As I told you, this tour in Northern India is the most sought-after and makes for a great weekend trip. It fits various kinds of trekking in one dimension. There is something for everyone at the Triund Trek, a first-timer, a beginner, and vets. The last portion of the trail may be somewhat difficult. It is also known as ’22 curves’ because it has 22 fatiguing curves to cross before you arrive at the summit of Triund. In the wet season, don’t do the Triund walk. Here in Dharamshala, it rains a lot. The road closes in winter because of excessive snowfall in Triund.

How difficult is Triund Trek?

It’s easy to alter the difficulty level of the Triund Tour. Even start-ups may walk to Triund. You need to be healthy and have strong endurance. You reach the lovely location of Triund after 7 km trekking, where the camp is completed. Triund Trek is considered an easy hike and a great starting point. The entire journey is almost 9 miles, 4 km is an easy but steep ascent. But the last 2 kilometers can be somewhat rough. The trail’s 22 curves are known. Triund is a notable campsite on the trekking trail up to Indrahar pass, at a height of 2842m above sea level. The hike begins from the town of Dharamkot.

Length of Triund Trek

The path is easy except for certain portions and the overall distance for the journey is 9 kilometers. The path leads you through the thick pine forests with lovely valley vistas. The journey to Triund took roughly 5-6 hours. At 2875 meters ( 9432 feet) above sea level, Triund is located. For the trio trip, at least four hours will be needed. Even for the unseasoned walker, it’s not too grueling. Triund Trek is considered an easy hike and a great starting point. The entire journey is almost 9 miles, 4 km is an easy but steep ascent. The last 2 km, though, can be difficult.

Best time to reach Triund Trek

In addition, Triund Trekking can take place around the year, in July, August, and in January and February, the peak winters. The optimum weather conditions to trek in are in the spring and summer months of March to June. The excursion is ideal for hiking and escaping from the harsh weather conditions of April and May, with one additional warm layer of clothes. The greatest way to get a clear glimpse of the mountains from the walk post-monsoon season. The first spell of snowfall on the route can be expected in December. One of the reasons for Triund Trek’s appeal is because it is available most of the year. Although during monsoons it rains excessively for a few days, which makes the moose harder. Besides, you’re free to tread Triund any time during a couple of days of high winter. During the snowfall, Triund becomes unavailable and hard and closes for a few weeks in January and February. In the summer months of March to June and September, when the weather is good, the optimum time for the tour is mid-December. Explore The Most Beautiful Places In Australia With The Visitor Visa 600

How to reach Triund Trek?

It lies roughly 500 kilometers from Delhi or about 250 kilometers from Chandigarh. You can reach it by your own vehicle or by public transportation, including train, bus or plane. McleodGanj from Delhi can easily be reached by capturing either the HRTC or the HPTDC Volvo overnight. There are more private operators running buses in the evening between Delhi and Dharamshala. However, because of the reliability of their services, I prefer to utilize HRTC and HPTDC. The second and least-cost option, but one which’s chaotic, is to travel by train to Mcleod Ganj or Triund. A train to Pathankot takes approximately 6 to 7 hours and the sleeper coach costs roughly Rs 250.


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