Uses of Shoe Covers in Different Industries

Uses of Shoe Covers in Different Industries

Shoe covers are considered an essential PPE aside from gloves and masks. It is worn around the shoes and protects the wearer from splashes and spills that has contaminants or chemicals. These protective covers are usually worn in medical settings but some industries also require their workers to wear shoe covers for certain reasons.

Shoe covers are versatile when it comes to their uses. A lot of workers use this across different industries to protect their shoes and also protect the space they are working on. Here are some of the other industries that require their workers to wear these covers.

Real Estate

There might not be a lot of contaminants in a new home but real estate agents usually wear shoe covers especially when they are selling luxury homes. The covers help protect the floors of a luxury home from scratches and even minor damages done by shoes walking on them. That way, an agent can preserve the value and pristine condition of the home during home opens or staging.


In forensics, disposable shoe covers are required to be worn by the police, investigators, and everyone who is investigating a crime scene. Shoe covers help preserve crime scenes and prevent foot marks that could jeopardize the investigation. That way, the evidence can be collected accurately and the crime scene is left uncontaminated for precise investigation.

Food Production

Food production facilities need to be free from contaminants to ensure that the food produced are safe for the consumers. Aside from gloves, hair net, and overalls, food production workers are also required to wear shoe covers. This is to help prevent dirt and contaminants on the shoes from getting transported into a clean environment.

Veterinary and Agriculture

Another place that commonly use shoe covers are veterinary and agriculture facilities. In farms, it is important to wear these covers to prevent external contaminants from getting into the facility. It also helps prevent the spread of diseases and pathogens in the farm especially if there are sick animals.

Shoe covers work both ways in these settings. It helps protect the animals from contaminants that could be brought by humans. At the same time, it also protects humans from taking harmful bacteria with them. Especially when they are handling sick animals at the farm or at a veterinary facility.


In newly built homes, tradespeople are usually requested to wear shoe covers especially when the floors are already installed. Shoes can actually cause minor damages and even make the floor dirty in the long run.

Since tradespeople are required to wear closed shoes to protect their feet while they work, they can’t just take off their footwear during work time. Wearing these covers is the best solution to help protect the new floors and keep the space clean as well even if you have plenty of workers around doing their job.

Shoe covers have a lot of uses in different facilities making it truly an essential PPE.

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