What Are Some Best Economics Dissertation Topics for an Award Winning Dissertation

What Are Some Best Economics Dissertation Topics for an Award Winning Dissertation

By the end of their academic degree, most economics students find themselves in a state of confusion and anxiety. As they have to choose a topic for their economics dissertation and they don’t want to put their future and hard work at stake by picking a topic that will not be beneficial for them in the future.

A dissertation is a document that students have to write before completion of their degree. A dissertation is proof of the knowledge students have gained during their academic journey.  Students pick a topic of their choice for the dissertation and answer questions and report findings of that topic in the dissertation.

Importance of writing a good dissertation:

Writing a dissertation on the best topic will not only help students in gaining global recognition. It will also open the doors of a bright future for them. They can work in their favorite organization and can get amazing job opportunities only on the behalf of their dissertation.

All of this sounds like a dream come true to every student but changing this dream into reality is not easy. First of all, students have to pick the best economic dissertation topic out of all Economics Dissertation Topics then they have to spend their days and night crafting the best dissertation on that topic.

Qualities of a Good Dissertation Topic:

Writing an award-winning dissertation is a long journey that consists of multiple stages. The first and most important stage is picking a dissertation topic that will determine the student’s journey.

Students often find themselves thinking what are the qualities that make any dissertation topic the best. Following are a few important qualities of an award-winning dissertation topic:

·        Adds Value:

Students should pick a dissertation topic that adds value to the world. If they pick a topic that highlights an issue or provides a solution to an important problem then there is a high probability for them to get an award on that dissertation.

·        Interesting:

While students should keep the factor of adding value to the world in their minds while picking a dissertation topic. They should also ensure that they are interested in that topic as writing a dissertation is not an easy job and they don’t want themselves to be in a situation where there are writing something that they don’t like at all. In this situation, they won’t be able to write a decent dissertation, let alone an award-winning dissertation.

·        Relatable in Longer Run:

An award-winning dissertation is an asset and it should be relatable and useful for future researches even after years of its publication. To make a dissertation award-winning students have to remember this point that an award-winning dissertation is so well written and well researched that it is relatable in the longer run. Students should pick a topic that is hyped in the current time and will be an important part of the future as well.

·        Using Variety of Methodologies:

Another important attribute of an award-winning dissertation is that students use a variety of methodologies to write. This practice makes the dissertation more credible for future use.

·        Practical Insinuation:

It is very easy to derive the main purpose and findings of an award-winning dissertation. A well written does not beat around the bush or confuses the reader by stating multiple vague points that are difficult to imply.


These are some attributes of the award-winning dissertation. Students can apply them in their dissertation to increases their chances of winning an award on that dissertation. Here is a sample that covers all the attributes of an award-winning dissertation topic.

Impact of Covid on Economy of the UK – Rise and fall of Different Industries:

This topic is a perfect example of an economics award-winning dissertation as it covers all the mentioned attributes. A dissertation on this topic will add value to the world by making people aware of all the industries that gained or lost customers because of the pandemic.

This type of topic will be interesting for students as they have seen this situation and it can be relatable for future researches. Students can give examples of the home décor and furniture industry whose sales dipped a lot during the pandemic and online writing services whose sales increased a lot during the pandemic as students preferred to buy dissertation and assignments. This type of dissertation can be written after following different methodologies and is easy to imply.

Best Topics for Award-Winning Economics Dissertations

Following are few trending topics that students can take inspiration for writing a dissertation:

  • Demand and Supply of luxury goods industry
  • Impact of technological advancement on the economy of the UK
  • Product advancements and imperfect competition in the UK.
  • Effects of consumer behavior in markets
  • Impacts of the stable economy on the politics of the UK.


These are all points and topics in mind while picking an economics dissertation topic. Picking a topic is not easy and students particularly don’t enjoy this part of dissertation writing. Writing an award-winning is a matter of pride for every writer and if a student works hard and tries his best then no one can stop him from writing an amazing dissertation.


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