What Do You Mean By Essential Oils?

What Do You Mean By Essential Oils?

Essential oils are mostly used in aromatherapy, as a form of medicine. These are extracted from plants and intend to provide a healthier mind and lifestyle. Each oil has its own benefit and properties which when once interpreted can be extremely beneficial. One suffering from anxious thoughts and a restless work-life schedule should definitely adapt to the technique of using essential oils as aromatherapy. However, to make one type of essential oil, a massive amount of plants are used up. For example, to make one pound of lavender essential oil, about 250 pounds of lavender flowers are consumed. Similarly, for one pound of lemon or rose balm essential oil, approximately 5000 pounds of rose petals and lemon balm are used up. Consuming this amount of flowers and plant extracts yields a perfect and natural amount of essential oils which are used extensively by therapists. These plant extracted compounds have their own scent, flavor, or essence.


With the help of distillation through steam and water, or by the appliance of mechanical steps such as cold pressing, essential oils are obtained. The aromatic chemicals extracted are blended simultaneously with carrier oil in order to yield the finished product, which is ready to use. Essential oils need to be natural and pure, in order to get the finest realistic results. These unique aromatic compounds give them their essence and characteristics.



A moderate yet compelling essential oil. Lavender oil along with a soothing fragrance helps people to cope with stress, pain, and sleep. Earlier, this oil was used as an effective cleaning agent in hospitals before the invention of antiseptṣics. Being the most popular and resourceful oil, it is used in aromatherapy as it directs to provide relaxation and reduces muscle tension in the body. Using massaging oils, candles, and skincare products can help beat allergies. From fighting fungal infections to beating anxiety and depression, lavender oil is profitable and a multipurpose oil.


Residing in the aromatic herb in the mint family, it is a cross hybrid between spearmint and watermint. Extracted from the leaves of the peppermint plant, the oil has multiple benefits and is used for different purposes.

Peppermint oils are anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antimicrobial. They help to lift mood, ease headaches, and support memory. Another major benefit of this essential oil includes –

  • Fighting fatigue
  • Improving digestion
  • Coping with mood swings

Consuming peppermint tea helps to settle your stomach and works on gastric irritations and poor digestion form. This oil is gentle and leaves no side effects until used under a prescription.


Remarkable for its antiseptic properties. Tea tree oils are available ubiquitously in the market. They are used for treating acne, fungal infections in athlete’s feet, and ringworms working on the affected skin. One should always dilute tea tree oil before applying it anywhere on the body. Also referred to as melaleuca oil, it is a powerful product for treating dandruff and head lice. It also treats oral health by maintaining healthy breath through an active component of chamomile in the tea tree gel.

Essential oils are flourishing in the market, and it’s important to make sure you are making the appropriate deal. Beware of chemical-laden snake oils which are marketed at a much higher pace. Always make sure to look for natural, minimal processed organic oils at the nearby grocery or health stores.


  1. Always make sure that the oil is 100% pure with no supplementary ingredients such as synthetic and added fragrances.
  2. Buy dark glass bottles as they preserve their quality from light and synthetic.
  3. Go through the label reading and analyze their products list, always choose manufacturers that used plant’s botanical or Latin name and yield oils from mechanical processes.
  4. Say no to chemically processed oils, as they are full of sulfates and can be risky for your health.


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