What Is Digital Marketing? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

What Is Digital Marketing? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

How is digital marketing different from traditional marketing?

Technology is changing the way marketing is done.

At scale, digital marketing is what is commonly referred to as “mobile marketing”. However, to start with, the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is really huge.

The importance of digital marketing cannot be denied. In fact, at a time where the world is living through unprecedented marketing disruptions, digital marketing has become one of the key success factors to building a sustainable business.

Digital marketing is incredibly important, especially in the current-day situation.

With companies plagued by social distancing and heightened global uncertainty, many marketers, especially those that are just starting out, are compelled to work in digital marketing.

A good number of marketers, though, don’t realize how much they do the job of digital marketing right. They just set out to market digitally, and that’s that. However, regardless of how you’re marketing digitally, with digital marketing, you are digital marketing.

Before, you were just a laggard or timid marketer. You left your marketing work to third-party services, found clients you thought you could do more for, and then forgot about it.

Now, digital marketing isn’t only as important as ever — it’s much more important! In fact, anyone who doesn’t start using digital marketing to a great extent is definitely falling short in their marketing efforts.

When digitally marketed marketing is geared, and it’s focused, that’s when your product or service is living up to its true value.

There is no other way to say it: digital marketing is the future of marketing. You can’t truly succeed, though, unless you’re digital marketing in a bigger way than just selling your product or service. You have to start focusing on how digital marketing will impact your brand.

Digital marketing involves two things: investing in technology and marketing activities. Technology can tell us who is likely to respond to it, but technology can’t build your brand. Marketing is a science. In a proper marketing process, it takes much more than technology to be effective. It takes creative content, creative marketing strategies, so-called idea incubation, and all other things that make a good marketing strategy.

What is Digital Marketing strategies that have been proven to be successful are the ones that have experienced prior preparation.

Some great marketing strategies include the following:

Keep marketing activities as creative as possible

— Putting up billboards at the largest travel agencies on your way to a client’s office or convention

— Putting up a logo and a catchy slogan with a social media campaign like “Stay Connected With Our Brands”

— Using a logo-shaped design that depicts a lifelike digitized A/B test for every element of your company. Your logo tests your brand on as many people as possible and lets you know which communications are related to your brand’s brand message. Once you release the message, you release your logo online so that no one can hide it, like you do your company’s social media presence.

Let people know about a new product or service

— Using “push marketing”

— Building a web page you can easily describe in no more than four sentences

— Creating an email-based awareness program using apps that help promote your product

— Using SEO search engines

— Creating and publicizing an anonymous quiz like the “Swipe-to-Win” campaign

— Creating an influencer program

— Creating a microsite where you can answer questions on your brand

— Creating a keyword list that allows you to receive “official” reminders when an opportunity comes your way to promote your product

— Building a website where you can start word-of-mouth marketing campaigns

— Helping with viral marketing with contests and blog posts

— Creating sites and apps that create customer communities around your product that incentivize consumers to spread word about your products

— Using your own team of experts to educate customers and persuade them to apply for a new product

Digital marketing can be tough. You have to try a lot, and you need the help of a strong team of like-minded marketing professionals.

Digital marketing requires a lot of attention, focus, and care. If you don’t take this seriously, you will end up failing. Your organization will fail. If you need to have a revolution, the only way to get a revolution is to challenge the status quo and to collaborate.

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