What is Digital Media? And Why You Should Care

What is Digital Media? And Why You Should Care

Media, a form of mass communication that implies delivering the most authentic and knowledgeable form of content in the form of print, radio, or television. It is mistaken to be limited only to the television industry, but in reality, media is much more than reporting in the fields. When the power of online platforms is merged with the voice of the public, it yields an excellent form of digital journalism – ONLINE MEDIA.

Online media or digital media refers to an emerging form of journalism, where media houses, as well as the young public, have the right to practice their fundamentals. The correct utilization of social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, is a must in 2021. With an outbreak of the noble coronavirus pandemic, it has made digital media a necessity for the young as well as the elderly. It is obvious to see the majority of our youth spending 60% of their watch time scrolling Instagram and Facebook, while digital media channels transform themselves into online media channels, posting reels and short articles, they are reaching a higher traffic with young youth being their targeted audience.

Indeed, social media reaches a higher audience than any other traditional form of media. Additionally to this, virtual platforms are open for debates and discussion, promoting critical thinking in citizens and raising minorities and their voice of opinions. The accounts are easy to operate and require additional investment or access. The idea of having their own startup in the media industry through social platforms inspires young journalists and even students. However, every online media channel is required to follow guidelines and regulations which should not be violated at any cost.


Can be a boon or bane, the success is highly dependable on how media houses, or individuals operate them. With freedom comes ethics. In order to make sure peace and maintenance, various laws and codes of ethics are supervised by the government. No channel can function without a license, where violation of any law or code of ethics can lead to punishable acts. Some of the fundamentals and codes that are needed to be followed are –

Content should be plagiarism free and authentic

No violation of privacy will be tolerated

No manipulation of content

No harsh or offensive words

Guidelines like these are necessary for maintaining law and order in society. If one is successful in following the regulations, the channel will boost itself.


Online media have promoted a sense of citizen journalism in India, where citizens are empowered to take stands and raise their voices. Digital media works as a communicator between the supreme authority and the general public. Reaching a higher audience, every traditional media form claims and believes that ONLINE MEDIA is the future, with no limitations and boundaries.

A form of technology, when combined with knowledge and power, results in a boundless platform that provides open discussion and a new form of journalism to its general citizens. Apart from digital media, the broad industry also surrounds itself with categories such as entertainment, e-commerce, business and finance, fashion, and beauty. Media covers every aspect of information and delivers it to its targeted viewers.

The media form is needed and requires boosting up more. People can earn through making online content that requires a negligible amount of investment. New platforms such as podcasts, e-books, and blogs are also included in this category. These three attract the highest amount of traffic because of their accessibility and availability. Advertisements are the greatest source of revenue for young journalists or bloggers wanting to speed up their performance in the online world. Digital media is the future of India and aims to educate and inform young people more and more. It raises and promotes content that is often ignored by society making a path for development and progress.


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