What Skills Should an eCommerce PPC Expert Have?

What Skills Should an eCommerce PPC Expert Have?

With so many marketing agencies competing in the search engine optimization field, merchants are left wondering which one of them is the perfect match for their business. While SEO and PPC are different, both tasks revolve around deciphering Google´s secret codes. It is the only way we can give our pages and URLs a chance of being placed in front of the right audiences.

ECommerce PPC experts, in particular, must show an unusual combination of skills that make them stand out. On one side, they must show proficiency to read immense quantities of data and analyze it to find opportunities that others are unable to see. On the other hand, they must never run short of creativity.

In other words, being an eCommerce PPC expert requires a perfectly balanced mix of scientific and artistic skills.

A typical day for this kind of professional starts with a good dose of trend watching. Staying on top of the latest changes in the algorithm, analyzing consumer behavior, and becoming intimate with the newest technological advancements can be a full-time job in and of itself. But that’s not even half of the story.

One of the most important rituals for a PPC marketer is to perform thorough keyword research for their clients. This not only takes into account a specific product or service. Understanding how the buyer’s persona thinks when they’re performing a Google search helps narrow down the final list of keywords that will eventually fuel the marketing strategy. Here is where a marketer will find high-value keywords, but also long-tail keywords that are being overlooked by competitors. These potentially yield a higher return on investment in the long run.

Lastly, an eCommerce PPC expert must know how to expertly create professionally written and enticing ad copy, combined with masterfully designed landing pages. A digital marketer should always focus on factors beyond the ad proper. They know that there is no point investing in PPC ads if clickers land on a page that is difficult to use or does not seem like it was created specifically for them. Remember, traffic without conversion leads to wasted spend.

So here are the skills that every PPC specialist must perfect

Analytical Thinking: Nowadays, getting a wealth of data from a PPC campaign or a website is an automated process. However, finding the right piece of information and transforming it into an actionable item or strategy requires a powerful analytic mind.

Discipline: Digital marketers must be able to juggle many time-consuming tasks without missing a beat. It is not uncommon for digital agencies to be run on massively packed calendars and day planners. Only organized minds focused on efficient time management techniques can keep up the frantic pace of a digital agency. What Are The Best SEO Service Providers For Ecommerce Websites

Technical Knowledge: Today, eCommerce specialists can’t afford to not know how to code or solve technical problems. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since many of us design websites for our customers, especially when they are particularly challenging. However, even when PPC experts occupy positions of responsibility, they require technical knowledge that allows them to understand how an eCommerce PPC campaign should be executed and to unequivocally communicate their ideas to the design and development team.

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