What To Expect When Buying a Camper Awning

What To Expect When Buying a Camper Awning

If you, your family, or your friends love spending time outdoors and camping under the moon and the stars, you should have all the necessary equipment to make sure that you would have a comfortable and enjoyable time every time you go camping. One of those essential tools is a camper awning.

Awnings serve as an extension of your mobile home or whatever car or vehicle that you use when you go camping in an outside living space. There are variations of a camper awning, one of them is the rollout awnings which are attached to the top of the caravan. 

Smaller porch awning (from the name itself, it gives you your very own “mobile” porch which you could carry and relocate wherever you want) and complete awnings which completely cover the entire side of your mobile home. Currently, more and more campers are making the switch to inflatable awnings because they are easier to set up, more lightweight, and more space-saving.

Quality is depending on the price

When you go shopping for a caravan awning, you might be surprised by the range of prices since. You could find one that is very cheap or something that is exorbitantly priced. It is usual to see an awning priced at $50 but also normal for an awning to cost hundreds or even thousands. 

It does not necessarily mean however that an awning priced at $50 is of low quality or something that is disposable. But of course, its quality cannot be compared to a let’s say an awning priced at $1500. Not only the quality differs because of the price, but the size and inclusion are also different. A more experienced awning could be bigger with different accessories. 

When deciding on an awning base on the price, consider also who would be using the awning and the frequency. If it will just, be you and your family, an awning at a more affordable price will do especially if you don’t camp as much. 

But if you will be using it for business, you would of course want one that is durable so as not to give something to your customers that is subpar. You should provide them with an awning with poles that would not easily bend or break or with a cloth that is not waterproof or would easily be torn by the wind. 

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Accessories are key

When it comes to awnings, you should not think of accessories as unnecessary or additional expenses. They are actually the key to having a good camping experience and ensuring that you would be able to enjoy and use your awning for a long time before splurging on a new one. 

Accessories for awning include tools that would keep your awnings protected from elements. There are also accompaniments like storm straps and tie-down kits to make sure your awnings are safely secured when the weather condition is harsh. Rugs and other sheets could also make your awning cozier and provide additional insulation.

Every awning is unique but your utmost consideration should be how durable it is. There are many different awnings available in the market and if you are not able to find one that is to your liking or the size is not appropriate to your mobile home, don’t worry since you could get it customized.

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