What To Look for In a Massager for Your Feet

What To Look for In a Massager for Your Feet

Whether your job requires you to stand, stroll, dance, or run, investing in an at-home electric massager can significantly improve your quality of life by easing discomfort and reviving fatigued feet. A foot massage’s calming effects can relieve stiffness from shoes, standing, or running as well as tight calves, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and other conditions.

If you are planning to buy one, read below to find out what to look for in a massager for your feet to get the most bang for your buck.

Purpose for buying the massager

Most people buy an electric foot massager to relieve muscle aches in their feet. But massagers for feet actually fall under two broad categories: massagers for general foot fatigue and relaxation and more powerful percussive massagers for deep muscle discomfort and achiness. Determining what is the purpose for buying the massager would make it easier for you to narrow down your choices.

The difference between the two is that the first group of massagers is hands-free and more akin to an in-person traditional massage. They also make wonderful presents for those who could need some pampering.

The other type of massager on the other hand (spa-style) are unable to penetrate deeper muscular discomfort the way percussive massage guns can. If you’re seeking for something more akin to deep tissue massage, purchase a massage gun. Massage guns are also portable so you can isolate particular foot parts with various levels of pressure.

Price of the massager

Everyone enjoys a good deal, but you shouldn’t cut corners when buying a massager. Cheap is not appropriate for this type of gadget. To make a difference and to fully enjoy the benefit of a massager, invest in a high-quality massager.

Pressure levels of the massager

A massager for your feet with a variety of settings will also give you the opportunity to experiment or learn what form of massage suits you the best. It will also let you tailor the experience to your particular need. More options offer more routes to relaxation and relief. Whether you’re searching for more intensity, more of a rolling pattern, more water jets, or different heads for your massage gun.

Heat option of the massager

Including heat in a massage aid in muscular relaxation and boosts blood flow to the troubled area. Additionally, it might give your massage a very opulent sensation. A heated massager for the feet can be highly beneficial for some types of muscular issues when used properly. But it is not recommended for everyone. It must be used with caution since there is a possibility of accidental burns for diabetics or other patients suffering from other conditions that prevent them from having normal sensation in their feet.

No matter what your reason is for buying a massager, do your research thoroughly not only on the brand, feature and price of the massager but also if you are allowed to use one and if it would not affect any existing health condition. Talk to your medical health professional first should you have any doubts. Better to be safe than sorry.

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