When will life get normal? When will the pandemic end?

When will life get normal? When will the pandemic end?

These questions have been stuck around in our minds for the longest time possible. The first case of covid was reported in March 2020, since then the disease has evolved and increased its spread. With over a million deaths per year, the pandemic has resulted in not only a low economy but also fewer net exports. Along with this, students are the worst affected due to the increase in their screen timings consuming their mental health and increasing stress. 90% of work is done online sitting at home. Initially, it seems like a stress buster and blithe for people working day night, but as the situation got worse, it was seen as a con and stress inhibitor.

2021 brought us hope, a hope of being back to the normal world however the happiness didn’t last long. The world was hit by the second wave of coronavirus which was reported deadlier and infections by WHO and other health specialists. Health organizations rang an alarming bell in the increase in deaths with symptoms being hard to analyze. The virus transformed into mutants and variants by the fusion of different microorganisms in the bodies. Vaccination was the only choice left in order to develop effective antibodies against the deadly variants.


The biggest database of Covid shots around the world showed that with around 119 million doses of vaccines worldwide, it will take 70% to 90% coverage of the population in order to bring the world back to normal, as stated by U.S science officials Anthony. The data also suggests that some countries are doing a great job in making rapid progress than others, with 75% coverage through two doses of vaccines.

The highest vaccination coverage so far is done by Israel with 75% coverage in a time span of just two months. Vaccination has ultimately proved itself as the best way to reduce the spread of covid, however along with vaccination, covid protocols are necessary to maintain. Follow all safety guidelines such as washing your hands frequently, disinfecting small objects, maintaining social distancing, etc. The vaccination however is wider in western countries as compared to the rest of the world.


Vaccination acts as a defensive shield against the spread of coronavirus only when a “community” is vaccinated and follows covid guidelines. The vaccines produce effective antibodies against the virus in a few weeks of getting shots, but the virus will continue to spread until and unless the community living together gets full doses of vaccines. The group will act as a defensive layer against the virus and will reduce the spread of infection, limiting the increase in the outbreak. This concept is called “herd immunity”, which in simpler words means that a community getting vaccinated is more effective than a single person against the spread of the infection.


When will the pandemic actually get over, and when will life become back to normal?

The answer to this is still not confirmed by health experts, however, some verified predictions may help one to know-how they can tackle the pandemic.

The media is filled with news on the third wave. WHO experts say that the third wave is going to be dangerous however it is still unpredictable. According to the recent stats on covid reports, it was observed that the cases have gone down and the spread is decreased, however, this may fluctuate in the coming months if vaccination is not done to maximum communities.

The simple and short answer to your question is – The world may never return to a pre-pandemic normal and the novel coronavirus is going to last for a longer period of time, but with a much smaller degree and impact.

With climate changes and seasonal bursts of infection, the virus may arrive again but with a lower impact and may not spread to a greater extent. Vaccination against the virus will become fundamental for maximum protection.


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