Why an Orthopedic surgeon refers you for MRI scan?

Why an Orthopedic surgeon refers you for MRI scan?

An orthopedic surgeon near me has suggested an MRI, that’s freaking me out!

Did you get these thoughts and rushed straight to Google to search about it? Well, before you freak out you need to understand what MRI is and what happens inside the machine.

MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is a medical process or technique that surpasses magnetic field and radio waves through a body part to develop an image of the internal organ, tissue, or muscle. The function of an MRI machine is to find out any damage in the tissue, tumors, or clots. It has been a curiosity to know what happens inside an MRI machine and what the experience to be in it is like.

Inside an MRI machine

What is inside the MRI that the Orthopedic surgeon near me has suggested?

We all might have thought of this question and got anxious the very first time we had an MRI. An MRI machine is a simple cylindrical tube designed to take images of the internal organs of a body. A person is expected to lie down on a bed with their head being supported on a pillow. This bed slightly moves upwards to reach the level of the cylindrical tube. A helmet is then provided that covers your head.

The helmet is designed not to touch the head of the person getting the MRI scan. The bed along with the person and the helmet is moved inside the tube. Here the process of imaging begins. A magnetic field is created around the head and then radio waves are passed through it. This helps in developing the image. The person is expected to be as still as possible so that the image does not turn out to be blurry. In Layman’s language, the MRI machine is a huge camera that takes pictures of your anatomy.

People getting an MRI must have experienced a loud and noisy sound though. On being asked, they said they heard several noises like shifting furniture, construction, hammering, traffic, and honking sounds. These noises are nothing but the machine or camera processing and creating images of the brain.

To avoid such noises, people are provided with headphones that play music to keep the person entertained during the entire process of MRI.

Furthermore, there are a set of mirrors provided right above the eyes set in such a way that the person can see people standing in front of them in the room. This gives them a sense of companionship and comfort when they are inside the machine. Again, these mirrors are provided so that the person can see people just by moving their eyes and do not have to move their heads.

Why Orthopedic Near Me Suggested for MRI?

Firstly, MRIs are prescribed when the doctors want to know the status of an organ or part located inside the body. This can range from ligament tears, muscle tears, any kind of clots, tumors, etc. An MRI is most successful in soft tissues of the body and also in the nervous system. The technique can also be helpful even after the problem has been detected and the treatment has started. It lets us know the progress of the treatment and updates the doctor on the current scenario. This will let the professional customize the treatment accordingly.

Wrapping it up:

An MRI is a very smooth process. There are several doubts about it being painful but it’s not. Other than that, it does not pass radiation unlike CT scan, and hence, is not harmful to the human body. As the technology is advancing, the tube’s design has been changed so that claustrophobic people are comfortable in it as well. Hence the entire technique is easy and harmless.

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