Why consider switching to Plant-Based Meat?

Why consider switching to Plant-Based Meat?

Many believe plant-based diets are just a trend. While it may have quickly risen to the status of becoming a buzzword, to many it is a lifestyle choice here to stay.


Here are common – some hilarious, some outright ignorant – reactions to plant-based meats we have heard:

How can plants make meat?

Why are plant based foods needed?

Aren’t they highly processed and made from questionable ingredients?

Oh, plant-based meats are expensive!


Firstly, what is plant-based meat? Plant-based meat is made from plants that are intended to offer an alternative to meats made from animals. They are produced to taste, feel, and appear just like real animal-based meat.When advanced food science met culinary arts, plant-based meat was born.


Where did plant-based chicken come from? Plant-based sources or ingredients don’t make or grow meat. However with the right formulation it can be hacked to taste and feel just like real animal-based meat. Plant-based chicken and mutton is perfected to look, cook, and taste just like real animal-based meat.


Why are plant-based foods needed? Or let’s start with this. What’s special about our regular old chicken or mutton? Contrary to popular belief, most meat lovers consume meat for the love of its taste, texture, and bite. No, it’s not for its supposed nutritional benefits. If plant-based meat could taste, feel and offer the same (and more) nutritional benefits as animal-based meat, what really stops anybody from going vegan?


Aren’t they highly processed foods? Just like any other packaged food, it can be as natural or as synthetic as the brand wants it to be. At its core, these products are made from naturally occurring ingredients such as:


✅ Seitan – Made from wheat gluten, seitan best mimics the taste and texture of meat. Seitan is one of the most popular ingredients for plant-based meat. It is also rich in protein and contains low fat and carbs. It has all the properties to make the transition for meat lovers super easy.


✅ Soy – It is a species of legume native to East Asia. Soy has long been a great source of protein for people who don’t eat meat. Additionally, it contains all the essential amino acids and has a high calcium and iron content.


✅ Tofu – It is made from congealed soy milk and is low on carbs and calories. It is moderately high in protein and contains the nine essential amino acids.


✅ Nutritional Yeast – It is a complete protein and provides all nine of the essential amino acids that our body can’t make on its own. Mineral-rich and highly nutritious, this particular ingredient brings out the meaty flavour really well.


Meat and its preparation has evolved over decades. Many cultures have had their say. From Seekh Kebabs, Galouti Kebabs, Nuggets and Sausages to Fried Chicken – the shape and form is endless.


However, the way we have used and exploited resources to be able to enjoy meat hasn’t changed in a long time. Here are some stats on meat production:


  • Studies have shown that 83% of the world’s farmland is utilised for meat production. This use of land for animal farming only contributes 18% of the world’s calories.
  • To produce a kilogram of meat, the water used is anywhere between 5,000-20,000 litres. That’s equivalent to 50 tubs of water.
  • The meat industry is also known to be responsible for 35% of the greenhouse gas emissions.


Moreover, a meat-heavy diet or processed meat-heavy diet is also known to cause health issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease or even cancer.


So we decided to turn to plants and plant-based foods! In comparison, producing 1 kilogram of wheat would use about 400 litres of water. That’s 1/10th the amount of water used for meat production.


At Sudo Foods, With our plant-based meat, we’ve gone lengths to reimagine and create some of the best plant-based meat alternatives. Soft and succulent plant-based chicken kebabs, crunchy samosas, burger patties and chicken popcorn – all guaranteed to delight and satiate.


And like all good things, it doesn’t end there. It’s not just tasty. It is also good for you. Zero cholesterol, zero trans fat, zero preservatives, and no trace of unethical ingredients, in addition to being packed with protein.


Curious about plant-based meat? Give it a try. Get the best quality plant-based meat in India.


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