Why Join 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

Why Join 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

200 hour yoga teacher training is one of the easiest courses that anyone can join. However, many practitioners still doubt whether they should join this course or not. Well, reasons are numerous that depict why you should start your yoga journey with a 200 hour yoga teacher training course.

However, make sure you check out the 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus once before joining this course. This gives you an upper hand as you will get familiar with the basic structure of the course. Read on.

Top Reasons Why to Join 200 Hour YTT Course

Clear Basics of Yoga

The basics of yoga include how to practice particular yoga poses, breathe, or practice meditation. These form a stronger base for the upcoming intense yoga sessions.

Mastering the basics of yoga is essential if you want to level up your yoga practice. Without learning the basics, you might find advanced yoga techniques hard. So, do not rush through the basics of yoga.

Learn About Human Body

The human body has limitless complexities that take years to master. Joining a 200 hour yoga teacher training course means you get familiar with the basics of the human body.

If you go through the 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus, you will come across human body anatomy and physiology. This shows that you are going to learn about the different elements of the human body.

Get Familiar With Meditation Types

Meditation is without a doubt one of the best yogic techniques that take years to master. However, before mastering it, you should learn how to practice it. That is where the 200 hour YTT course comes into play.

This course teaches you the basics of meditation practice. You learn how to control your mind so that you get to the deepest core of your mind. Hence, in every meditation session, you gain something new.

You learn how meditation practice that is going to benefit you in the longer run.

Master Pranayama Techniques

The art of conscious breathing comes under the category of Pranayama. In this section, you learn how to control your breath while practicing physical asanas or meditation.

Learning Pranayama techniques helps you boost the prana energy inside your body. In short, you will always feel energetic with the regular practice of conscious breathing techniques.

Know-How to Adjust Body

One of the most crucial things while practicing yoga is how to adjust or move your body. In case you wrongly move your body, you might injure yourself.

When you become aware of the human body’s anatomy and physiology, you also learn about the human body adjustments. This ensures your muscles and joints are always in the right range of motion. It keeps you away from injury.

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Diverse Yoga Forms

Yoga has numerous forms from which you need to choose the right one as per your needs. However, you can choose the right one only when you are aware of each yoga form.

That is why you should join a 200 hour yoga teacher training course. Learning about yoga forms helps you choose the best as per your goals in mind.

Hence, you save a lot of time which otherwise might get wasted practicing the wrong form for years. You also become aware of which yoga style is going to favor you over time.

Numerous Yoga Poses

Yoga poses are surely one of the crucial and under-rated techniques of yoga. Joining a 200 hour yoga teacher training teaches you which yoga poses are perfect for you as per your goal.

In short, enrolling in a 200 hour YTT helps you stay on track rather than practicing yoga poses just for the sake of practicing.

You also become aware of how practicing different yoga poses is going to help you reach your goal. Mixing the yoga anatomy, adjustment, and yoga poses lessons helps you have a perfect yoga practice.


As you can see, a 200 hour yoga teacher training course is surely a perfect start for your yoga career. In case you feel like you can achieve more, you can always level up your course. For that, you can either join a 300 hour or 500 hour yoga teacher training in India.

Make sure you have the adequate knowledge to walk the path of yoga alone. Otherwise, you might fall victim to any injury. Be consistent with your practice to become a yoga master over time.

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