Yoga Guide to Dharana – The 6th Limb of Yoga Sutras

Yoga Guide to Dharana – The 6th Limb of Yoga Sutras

Ever heard of Yoga Sutras? It is a practical handbook to guide you on the spiritual journey to realizing your true self. As per the yogic tradition, you suffer from the illusion of separation between the individual consciousness and universal consciousness. Yoga Sutras are your Yoga Guide to Dharana to reconnect with that divine consciousness.

Let us now understand a bit more about this powerful yogic text.

Yoga Sutras – An Introduction

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras contain 196 sutras which are divided into four chapters. Each of these sutras discusses the goals and practice of yoga. At the same time, Yoga Sutras warn you of the pitfalls on this spiritual journey and how you can overcome them. You should book yoga vacations for beginners to understand this ancient yogic text.

A major obstacle to your spiritual progress is stress, which leads to fatigue. It also gives birth to doubts and laziness which then causes sensory attachment and keeps you away from the universal consciousness. Yoga Sutras are your path to purification, surrender, and refinement.

As per yoga experts, the cause behind your suffering is;

  • Forgetting your true nature
  • Living from the standpoint of ego
  • Fearing death
  • Cleaning to pain and pleasure

Do you know what are the eight limbs of yoga? Read below to know it all.

8 Limbs of Yoga

Given below are the eight limbs of the yogic path;

  • Yama (Right behaviour)
  • Niyama (Principles to live by)
  • Asana (Yoga postures)
  • Pranayama (Yoga Breathing exercises)
  • Pratyahara (Turning the senses inward)
  • Dharana (Focused Attention)
  • Dhyana (Meditation)
  • Samadhi (Enlightenment)

Keep in mind, the first three limbs prepare your body for the next three. The latter three take you to the final destination, which is the 8th limb.

Now, we shall check out the sixth limb of yoga, aka Dharana.

Dharana – An Introduction

The Yoga Sutras define Dharana as – When your mind reaches its ability to be directed towards a chosen goal in spite of the many potential objects within your reach.

During yoga practice, your body is the chosen object of focus and it is here that you set the stage for Yoga Guide to Dharana which is one-pointed concentration.

However, the path to reaching this stage in yoga practice is no cakewalk. There are some obstacles which you have to cross.

Comparing Yourself to Others

It is natural for you to look around in the yoga class and observe other yoga practitioners. Unfortunately, you fixate on the idea and this negatively impacts yoga practice.

Letting Mind Wander

Checking others out during a yoga session is a mental game you indulge in on an unconscious level. Your minds might still be focused on an argument that took place the day before with a loved one at home.

Add to that, your wandering mind makes it more difficult to focus on the yoga session. You should enrol in spiritual healing courses in India to focus on yoga practice.

Observing the Progress

During a yoga session, you might have an inner dialogue that says that you are getting better or worse. What this internal monologue does is take away your focus and concentration from the yoga session.

To overcome these obstacles, you should learn the right technique to practice Dharana.

Steps to Practice Dharana

You can focus on Dharana when practising yoga or performing everyday tasks.

With that said, given below is how you can practice this technique.

1. Learn Pratyahara

Pratyahara is the fifth limb of yoga and offers you the necessary skills to remove external distractions. It is what sets you up for success in the practice of Dharana.

2. Sit Comfortably

Sitting in a relaxed position helps you remain still and focused on the yoga practice. Make sure there is no tension in your leg muscles as it takes your attention away from the yoga practice. You should book some yoga vacations for beginners to learn more about this limb of the yoga path.

3. Choose an Object

Close your eyes and choose an external object. The object can be your breathing, a body part, a chakra, or a mantra. You can keep your eyes open and focus on a physical object like a candle flame or the statue of a deity.

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4. Practice Total Concentration

If you are practising the Yoga Guide to Dharana for the first time, it is much easier to start with a wide range of focus around the object of choice. Start narrowing your range of focus until it becomes laser-focused. You can also choose a mantra and repeat it in your mind. The spiritual healing courses in India can help you understand this aspect of yoga.

5. Practice

Yoga experts recommend that you include Dharana in your daily routine as it is important if you want to move through all eight limbs of yoga.


Yoga Guide to Dharana – eight limbs of yoga help you move beyond the trap of ego and reach the stage of enlightenment. You should enrol in a spiritual healing course in India to learn everything about the sixth limb of yoga.

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